An Alternative NFL Universe

Since I have no life at all I decided to simulate the 2002-2012 NFL playoffs to see what might have happened if the playoff match-ups were simulated again.  You will be shocked by these results.

2002 NFL Champion:  Indianapolis Colts

2003 NFL Champion:  Indianapolis Colts

2004 NFL Champion:  Green Bay Packers

2005 NFL Champion:  Seattle Seahawks

2006 NFL Champion:  Philadelphia Eagles

2007 NFL Champion:  Indianapolis Colts

2008 NFL Champion:  Indianapolis Colts

2009 NFL Champion:  Arizona Cardinals

2010 NFL Champion:  Atlanta Falcons

2011 NFL Champion:  Green Bay Packers

2012 NFL Champion:  Atlanta Falcons

So now what does that mean, well the NFL would be Topsy-turvy for several reasons.

1.  Peyton Manning is not in Denver

It would be kind of hard to get rid of a guy who has won four rings for your city.

2.  Brett Favre doesn’t make a comeback

I think part of the reason Favre made that whole comeback to the NFL was because he wanted to win another ring.  Getting one in 2004 would have made it easier for him to hand the reigns to Aaron Rodgers.  Then again, maybe the Packers wouldn’t have picked up Aaron Rodgers in next year’s draft considering the year before they won the Super Bowl.  Favre may actually have retired and STAYED RETIRED after 2004.  That’s kind of spooky, but in a good way. 

3.  Kurt Warner would still be playing

After the 2009 season ended in a divisional round loss to the Saints he decided to retire.  Injected with new energy after winning his second ring, and first for the Cardinals, he decides to stay around.

4.  Seahawks fans would stop complaining

They actually would have played the Bengals in Super Bowl 40 and not the Steelers.

5.  Brady, Eli, and Roethlisberger wouldn’t be elite

Tom Brady would only have the one ring he got by beating the Rams, while Big Ben and Eli would still have 0. 

6.  Matt Ryan would be elite

He’d have two super bowl rings which would be second in today’s NFL quarterbacks to Peyton’s.

7.  Ray Lewis might still be playing

He may not have fully followed through with his last-ride promise if the Ravens didn’t win the Super Bowl this year.

8.  Several NFL coaches wouldn’t have gotten hired

Andy Reid would still be in Philidelphia, Mike Sherman would still be in Green Bay, and Ken Whisenhunt would still be in Arizona.  This would’ve prevented Mike McCarthy from getting hired by the Packers, Chuck Pagano by the Colts, as well as numerous other coaching changes.

Well there you have it things would be different, but regardless things in today’s NFL are fine just the way they are.

Stay tuned for the “HOHOHOrrible” moment of the week tomorrow.



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