The HOHOHOrrible moment of the week!


Well at least the Cougs are consistent. 

If you’re a student or alumni of Washington State University than you probably saw the debacle that took place toward the end of #23 Oregon’s 79-77 overtime victory over WSU.  

Picture this, Royce Woolridge makes a three-point shot to tie the score at 77 and potentially send it to double-overtime giving your team a chance for a potential victory.  Then all of a sudden Dexter Kernich-Drew (whose name I only know because of the foul) forgets he’s a basketball player and fouls one of the Duck players.  Oregon’s E.J. Singler makes both free throws, and the Cougs barely have enough time to try to make a rebuttel shot to end the game.

Seriously, what the hell!

Do you not want to win basketball games?!  Do you want people to continue to think that we will Coug it in the second half?!  For crying out loud the Cougs had an 11 point half-time lead over the Ducks.  This is almost (though thankfully not quite) as bad as the football loss the Cougs suffered to Colorado during this football season.

Now granted one mistake shouldn’t derail a program and result in the hiring and firing of particular individuals, but that’s what has seemed to happen to the Cougs as of late.  Losses to Oregon State, USC, Arizona State, as well as other schools have been brought on by really poor play towards the end of the second half.  That does not make an NCAA tournament team.

This foul will definitely live in infamy.  It depends on how long though.  The Cougs hung with the best team in the Pac-12 and they just couldn’t close the deal.

Maybe the Men’s team could learn something from their women.  They have more Pac-12 wins (their record is 5-8) and are sixth in the conference.

The Men’s team is last!


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