The HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week

If you’re a Seahawks fan you probably saw the twitter war that went on between corner Richard Sherman and Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.  A variety of barbs were exchanged between the two and lo and behold a firefight ensued.  Here’s a quick little comeback from Sherman.

The main thing that dissapoints me isn’t the fight itself, it was the way that Revis reacted to those tweets.  A lot of experts have pegged Revis as the best corner in the league and most of the time he’s been a pretty nice down-to-earth humble guy.  He didn’t talk trash, and he didn’t throw any of his teammates under the bus.  This of course changed when he started calling out Sherman.  I love Revis but he really screwed up here.

Depending on what happens to these two teams, next season will likely determine who takes the mantle of best corner in the league.  A super bowl ring would all but silence this debate.  

Also making the playoffs would help too, that is of course if Revis is still a Jet after this off-season 😉


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