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The MADNESS Has Returned

Today is the tip-off of March Madness, and office’s are going to get absolutely nothing done for the rest of the month. This time of the year marks the return of the fake spreadsheets, the nervously glancing over your shoulder to see if your boss/teacher. My senior year of High School I actually developed a twitch in my neck that lasted for a couple of weeks after March Madness ended.

This season has a special significance for me, as I do not like Gonzaga..and they are a number one seed in the West; and in case you are wondering  I want them to become the first men’s one seed to lose to a sixteen seed.

Now that I’ve said that, this is probably one of the most expensive parts of the year for sports fans. Especially if you live in one of the cities that is hosting one of the games today. If you aren’t at one of the cities, there is a pretty good chance you are part of a bracket pool and have some cash riding on your ability to predict the craziness that is March Madness. The other option for spending money is that you bet on the spreads of individual games.

As for the actually tournament, there will be shocking on court results. Especially since the college basketball field this season was so unpredictable; number one teams fell like dominoes during the regular season. Now, that lack of stability is heading into an already unpredictable tournament (hell, Morehead State almost made it to the Sweet 16 a couple of years ago).

This very well could be one of the more entertaining  tournaments in recent memory; or it could end up being on of the more predictable tournaments in recent memory. After all, this is March an and anything is possible in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

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