Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga

Comparing The Sacramento and Seattle Arena Deals

The Cities of Seattle and Sacramento have put forward two arena deals; one City is trying to regain what it lost five years ago, and the other is trying to save what it already has (for the third time in the last three years). Not only do these Cities have solid arena deals, they also have solid ownership groups; and now it is up to the NBA to decide who wins and who loses…well there is a win-win-win scenario out their, but it remains unknown if the NBA will choose it.

Despite the fact that we have to wait until April 18th for the Board of Governors makes the decision, there is still plenty to talk about. One of the things that can be talked about are the two arena deals that have been sent to the NBA. That is exactly what we are going to do in this post, well kind of.

All you are going too see is a table comparing the two arena deals, that’s it. I will not be adding my commentary because this is just an informational post. So anyway…ON TO THE TABLE!!!

Seattle Sacramento
Total Arena Cost (millions)



Public Investment (Millions)



Private Investment (millions)



Responsible for Cost Over Run Private Investors Private Investors
How will the bonds be paid back? Already existing admissions tax on events in WA. Leasing the parking structures owned by the City.
Arena Ownership Private, unless owners go bankrupt The City Of Sacramento
Current Owners of the Proposed Site Chris Hansen JMA Ventures
Legal opposition Longshoremen’s union, I-91 objection None, term sheet needs to still be approved by the City Council.

Status of Environmental Study

Mid-study, should be completed by November Again, City Council still needs to approve the Term sheet. California also has an expedited EIS process