Month: April 2013

The HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week

Well thank God it’s finally over. After a very long season the New York Jets have finally released Tim Tebow.  Thanks to doing absolutely nothing and being told to be absolutely nothing, the Jets finally showed Tebow the door. Ok you got the guy, you said you were going to use him, and even when ...

The NBA Relocation Committee Votes 12-0 To Keep the Kings In Sacramento

The wait for the return of the Sonics will have to be a little longer. Today the NBA Relocation Committee voted unanimously voted to keep the Kings in Sacramento. While this isn’t the end all, it is a pretty huge sign that the City of Sacramento will be keeping the Kings. The final BOG vote ...


Weekend Review Part 1: Martinez Survives to Beat Murray

Last weekend in the sport of boxing featured many exciting bouts. Unfortunately, I cannot cover all of them due to studying for finals (college man!) but I’ll cover three bouts. Let’s begin with the Sergio Martinez vs. Martin Murray bout. Fighting in his home country for the first time in more than a decade, middleweight ...

The AL Central Power Rankings

We move on to the AL Central-the second best division according to my Divisional Power Rankings. This was probably the most fun division to write as all the teams move around a bunch within the categories. So let’s get on to it, and it’s surprising conclusion. wOBA Rank Team wOBA Points Awarded 1 Cleveland Indians ...

The NL West Power Rankings

The NL West topped my Divisional Power Rankings for week four so I was actually extremely excited to see how this division shook out. Well, the division it self wasn’t very exciting to examine…in fact it was down right boring and predictable. But anyway, here they are; your NL West Power Rankings! wOBA Rank Team wOBA ...

The AL West Power Rankings

For those of you who have been following our Divisional Power Rankings, we are going to introduce another part of these power rankings; and that is power rankings for individual divisions. Now that is a lot of work, and since it is a lot of work these are going to be done once a month. ...

MLB Divisional Power Rankings For Week Four

This weeks power rankings saw quite a bit of fluctuation throughout the Power Rankings as several divisions have really started to struggle, and as a result another team has moved into first place in the overall power ranking. For those of you who missed our week three power rankings I’ll briefly go over how this works; thanks ...

According to a Report, The NBA is Looking at an Expansion Team in Seattle For 2014-2015 Season

There is an effort to satisfy both cities in the #NBAKings saga: I am told there is a plan being talked about where #Seattle would … — Tim Montemayor (@TheMontyShow) April 24, 2013 …get an expansion team in 2014/2015 and most of the requirements for that process are already met through the current situation #NBAKings ...

Seahawks Sign Kam Chancellor to a Rather Nice Four Year Extension

The Seattle Seahawks have signed safety Kam Chancellor to a four-year extension worth $28 million over the length of the contract-$17 million is guaranteed. That’s a lot of money that is guaranteed but for a young guy who is as talented as Kam is…it’s worth it. What Kam has managed to do in his time since ...

The HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week

This was an obvious choice. Last weeks bombing during the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured many others was a senseless crime done by senseless people.  This is a story about more than sports.  This is a story about life, a story about ourselves, and a story about helping others in their time ...

Seattle Marines Fire First Shots; Purchase Controlling Interest in ROOT Sports

The Seattle Mariners have landed the first-and probably last punch-in the RSN race in the Pacific Northwest. They purchased a controling interest the struggling RSN, ROOT Sports. Some of the other teams that either own-or own some kind of interest-in their local RSN’s are the; Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Astros, Orioles, Nationals, Angels, Rangers, Padres, and (probably) the ...

So It Has Come To This

Think of @CarmichaelDave and I as a hospice for the terminally ill. Just trying 2 make SAC fans as comfortable as possible. #nbakings — Faux Aaron Bruski (@FauxAaronBruski) April 22, 2013 Brian ( @206empire) will of course hide behind his blog. THATS the difference. We are OUT here. In the OPEN. IN New York. All ...

The Willie Lyles Saga Is Coming to an End; Oregon Is Going Self-Impose Two Year Probationary Period

A drama that has spanned thee years is now going to come to a close. On April 16th, the school released documents that acknowledged recruiting violations and announced a self-imposed two-year probation period with a reduction of one scholarship for each of the next three seasons. This is only the beginning of the end, as the NCAA itself is  going ...

MLB Divisional Power Rankings for Week Three

This was originally supposed to go up on Sunday, but a bum knee and Mom’s Weekend got in the way…so now these post go up on Thursdays, YAY! One of the major topics of discussion that pops up every baseball season is which division is the best division in baseball? Normally, analyst and fans look ...

Ackley and Montero’s Early Season Struggles; Were They Rushed?

The Seattle Mariners offense has not been nearly as good as advertised (shocker!) so far in 2013, and the young core of Smoak/Montero/Ackley have struggled mightly so far this season. It is probably time for the Justin Smoak experiment to end; but the other two-Montero and Ackely-well they have massively under-preformed expectations so far this season and it the ...

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