The Astros Dismember M’s in the Ninth Game of the Young Season; PANIC!?!?!?!?!

The Seattle Mariners got obliterated last night; the Huston Astros absolutely took it to them. There really is no point in trying to hide it. It was an absolute ass kicking, and it was not pleasant to watch. In fact, if not for some “veteran grit” dingers, that game would have looked like the even worse blowout that it was supposed to be.

Everyone has a right to be angry with what happened last night; I mean, a bad situation was made worse by the decision not to carry a long reliever in the bullpen and who fucking does that? Seriously, who the fucking, fuck does that? This roster is such a cluster fuck-just like Ackley’s new swing-and all of these guys weaknesses got exploited last night.

That being said, it’s only one game; the M’s are still one game within .500 (for now) and the rubber match of the series against the Astros is in a few hours-with Beaven on the mound, gulp! They very well could get their revenge and destroy the Astros tonight…or the Astros could put up a bunch of runs on another questionable Mariners starter and really put a dent into Safeco’s attendance for a long, long time to come.

Anways, here is a video of kitten’s on a Roomba to make you feel better:

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