The Retro HOHOHOrrible Moment of the Week

With baseball season underway there have been plenty of surprises, as well as plenty of horrible moments.  I could put the Mariners losing a series to the Astros on here, but today we are going to be revisiting an old classic.

Good God that was awful.

It didn’t help that this moment made it through the 19th voting of “Not Top 10” moments on ESPN.

It also didn’t help that my roommates have been giving me a hard time about this ever since then…

Well that was long ago, and it looks like Mark Sanchez will be returning as quarterback of the Jets in 2013, with Tebow going out the door.

You could in fact make the argument that the Jets were the HOHOHOrrible story of 2012.  My neighbor even called his fantasy team “The Jets are HOHOHOrrible.”  He even used my catch phrase to diss that team.

Well anyways enough with that rant.  Please let me know if you like my column, and I will try to improve it to better fit everyone’s needs and what they want me to cover.  Thanks for your time and GO COUGS!


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