Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga

So It Has Come To This

Writers, readers/community and twitterverse have turned into a bunch five-year olds over a NBA Franchises. It’s kind of ridiculous the amount of hate that is going on flowing in both directions is absolutely mind-boggling that this is happening. I mean I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, as time moves on and people don’t have a solution they are going to do crazier things on the internet.

Or just say stupid/uneducated things;

For those who don’t want to listen; CBS interviewed Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and he basically blamed the original Sonics departure on a lack of fan support…and that is more than uneducated. Now I could go into a thousand word tirade about why KJ is wrong, but that is another post…for another day.

KJ isn’t the only one stepping in it lately, the new SB Nation site SonicsRising saw its lead author get into a spat with Carmichael Dave…and that spat included several false allegations about Carmichael Dave’s motives for his Playing to Win tour. It would be like if Ziller (Sactown Royalty’s lead author) accused Jim Moore of only supporting the Cougs because ESPN was paying him to.

I understand that emotions are currently running at an all time high…but that doesn’t mean either side has to go out an antagonize the other. In fact it would probably be better if either side stopped talking to each other until this situation is resolved. Otherwise this shit show is only going to get worse.