Seahawks Sign Kam Chancellor to a Rather Nice Four Year Extension

I would be smiling too if I got as much money as he did

The Seattle Seahawks have signed safety Kam Chancellor to a four-year extension worth $28 million over the length of the contract-$17 million is guaranteed. That’s a lot of money that is guaranteed but for a young guy who is as talented as Kam is…it’s worth it.

What Kam has managed to do in his time since he joined the Seahawks (in 2o1o) has been more than remarkable. He has forced six fumbles, and recovered three of them; in 2011 he had four interceptions (that’s all of his career interceptions). That being said, his biggest contribution isn’t always visible in the box score.

Chancellor has virtually shut the deep ball over the top of the corner backs. As a result, the defensive coordinator can be more aggressive because it gives the coordinator a security blanket if one of the corner backs gets beat on a press play. The aggressiveness usually leads to more blitzes and creates more pressure and therefore disrupt the offenses’ ability to function.

The most important thing is that it continues the teams policy of signing the younger core to deals that keep them in Seattle for a long time. Not only does that keep the young core of an already talented team intact, it also shows a commitment from the origination to its players that has to be attractive to draft picks and free agents going forward. That is probably the most important thing going forward for this franchise and this GM/Coach duo.

It establishes a desire to not only win, and reward players for their on the field effort. That is going to be very beneficial to the franchise going forward-heck it could argue that it already has; after all they landed Cliff Avril for a lot less than he was expecting. As for Hawk fans, be very,very excited…this franchise is going places.

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