Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga

According to a Report, The NBA is Looking at an Expansion Team in Seattle For 2014-2015 Season

On the April 12th broadcast of Sports with Neil, I said; “The longer the NBA takes to make a decision, the better it looks for each city.” Now the reasoning behind that statement was that I felt like the more time the NBA took to make its decision, it meant that they were exploring more options…including expansion [Take this as a warning going forward, I might be suffering from conformation bias].

According to this report-from Tim Montemayor, a radio hot on KGO Radio-the NBA is going with the logical solution, and that is to leave the Kings in place; and at the same time, grant Seattle an expansion franchise for the 2014-2015 season. For all the fans on both side of this situation, it is exactly what we want to hear…but there is still one nagging question…. That question is; how the hell does a Bay Area Radio Host out-scoop all of the national reporters who have been on this story since it broke in January?

I mean, I understand that this isn’t the first time a local reporter has made a report that has sent shock-waves through this entire saga (remember this little gem from ESPN-Orlando?). That report had some inaccurate information at the time (the report said the $30-million deposit hadn’t been paid, but it had), but the overall gist of it-the Sacramento in the lead for the Kings-gelled with what I was getting from David Stern during his press conferences.

Now we have this Bay Area radio host telling us that the NBA is going with the most logical solution for this entire mess, and that is granting Seattle an expansion team. If this is true…then David Stern is  not nearly as cold, and heartless as he was when the Sonics departed in 2008; if it’s not true…then I hope Montemayor is ready for an extreme back lash…..

Anyways, what do you guys think?