Sacramento Kings Relocation Saga

Hansen Makes Two Moves on Consecutive Days; The NBA Kings Saga Gets Moar Crazy

Hansen did not agree with the Relocation Committee’s unanimous vote to deny the Kings Relocation to Sacramento. He even went as far as quoting Muhammad Ali to prove that he was not going to lay down and take the Committee’s decision. Instead he upped his valuation of the Kings $75 million (from $550 million to $625 million); that wasn’t all Hansen was going to do either.

As of today, it is being reported that Hansen and the Maloofs have agreed to a back-up offer. This back-up deal would sell Hansen 20% of the Kings franchise and leave the Maloofs in control of the franchise. With Hansen/Ballmer’s financial capabilities, the Maloofs could hold onto the Kings for a long time and try to force the League/Sacramento into arena negotiations for a third time.

If the NBA is going to get the Maloofs out (like they want) then  they are really going to have to think out of the box. The Maloofs now have the financial backing to run the Kings completely into the ground; and that is completely unacceptable to the League:

To me, it looks like the Maloofs have firmly entrenched themselves in David Stern’s shitlist…and as Seattle found out from 2004-2008 (*cough, cough*..Frank Chopp…*cough), that is not a good place to be. It also looks like Hansen and company are going to do whatever it takes to avoid a lawsuit.

It also now looks like we know what David Stern is thinking about doing to put an end to this whole ordeal:

If you are confused…don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Everyone is.