Old Man Power; Raul Ibanez Hits Dingerz

For those of you who missed today’s game, Raul Ibanez hit two dingers that played a crucial role in the M’s victory over the Athletics. He now has 17 home runs on the season, and is now half way towards tying the MLB’s record for dingerz by a 40+ year old player in a single season; never mind his strike out rate of 25% or his 5.6% walk rate.

Did I mention that his .260 ISO for this season is the second highest in his career (he posted a .280 with the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies)? Suddenly hitting a lot of dingers is one hell of a way to be able to extend your career, and that’s exactly what Raul has done. Since this is such a short post, here are some Raul gifs to make you happy;




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