Taking A Look At Ray Allen’s Impact on The Miami Heat’s Title Defense

Ray Allen is the best three-point shooter to ever play the game…well, since the three-point line actually became a thing. Throughout his 18-year career he has been the sharpshooter from beyond the arc. It has been a skill set that has served him well; in fact, helped him win a pair of championship rings.

With both of the NBA Championship teams that he has been a part of, Allen has been in the supporting role; but it is a role in which he has excelled. It is a role that made him an integral part of the Miami Heat’s 2012-2013 championship season.

At the age of 37, Ray Allen was still a work horse. He averaged 25.8 minutes per game; that makes him the fifth most played player on the Heat’s roster. During his time on the court Allen hit 139 three-pointers (a 3PT% of .419). His [astounding] ability to hit a high percentage of three-pointers, helped create more offensive opportunities in the paint for Bosh, James, and Wade. In fact, Allen’s three-point prowess helped him score 863 points on the season.

Allen has never been known as an outstanding defender, but I probably could argue that his defense is better than he gets credit for (a later post perhaps?). This season was no exception as he had 67 steals, and 177 rebounds on the defensive glass. His aggressiveness on the defense helped create opportunities for the Heat’s offense.

While Allen’s numbers are impressive, it is important to note that his stats pale in comparison in to Miami’s “big-3”. Their numbers are far superior to his…that being said, having a three-point sharp shooter-who can put pressure on the opponents offense-is a huge benefit for any team. It could also be argued, that it was a difference maker for the Heat in defending their Championship.

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