Sports with Neil Is Joining The Sports Blog Movement; Some Frequently Asked Questions…and Answers

I am very excited to announce that Sports with Neil is making the move to join the Sports Blog Movement. This move is going to be a win-win for us (the writers) and for you (the readers). It is very exciting move for us, and we can’t wait to get fully integrated into the  community, and for you guys to benefit from it. So let’s go to a Q&A;

So, what is the Sports Blog Movement (SBM)?

Basically it is a community of sports bloggers on WordPress who work to promote the main brand, and therefore  their own blogs.

What does this mean for Sports with Neil?

More exposure, and-hopefully-the commenting community that we have been struggling to create since the blog was created in September, 2011. It is a fantastic community that greets it’s new members with open arms. This also means more work for us writers/moderators…but it will be worth it.

Will the writers be doing anything differently?

There will be a once a week link-post that links to our fellow SBM members…but that’s it.

What does it mean for us (the readers)?

It is especially a fantastic opportunity for you guys. This move will give you guys more view points, data points, and writing styles to enjoy.

Any other questions you guys have, go ahead and post them in the comments. I will do my best to answer them.