Here’s the rest of Week 1

Well my picks for college football could have been better today, but regardless it was fun to see my Cougs upset #25 USC and also get to watch Michigan beatdown Notre Dame on College Gameday.  Anways here’s the rest of my Week 1 NFL picks.

Dolphins at Browns





Both of these teams could be in for very strong seasons considering the strong freshman campaigns for Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Browns running back Trent Richardson.  Both of these teams could be good this season, but I still have questions about how good the Browns passing game and defense can be even with the addition of Paul Kruger.  After all you can’t be good off of just one guy (unlike other past Cleveland sports teams).

My Pick:  Dolphins

Vikings at Lions





This one could go either way.  The Lions have the strong passing combination of both Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, and the Vikings…well they have a certain punishing running back.  While Christian Ponder does have his struggles I think that the Vikings are a more complete team, and well they have Adrian Peterson the 2012 MVP.  You just can’t go against that.

My Pick:  Vikings

Raiders at Colts





Sometimes the picks are just this easy, like this one…

My Pick:  Colts

Chiefs at Jaguars





and this one…

My Pick:  Chiefs

Buccaneers at Jets





…and this one.

My Pick: Buccaneers

Maybe Revis will be the best receiver for the Jets this week.

Falcons at Saints





This is another one that could go either way.  These teams split the season series 1-1 last year, but the Saints have their coach back so things might be getting more interesting.  It always comes down to these teams for the NFC South division title, and things this week will be no different.  I look at the way the Falcons ended their season last year and to me that makes me think that this team wants to start 2013 with a bang and put last years struggles behind them.  With Matt Ryan throwing the ball to both Julio Jones and Roddy White, as well as being able to hand the ball off to Steven Jackson, expect just that.

My Pick:  Falcons

Titans at Steelers





I wonder if I should be cheering for Jake Locker or the Steelers this game.  I could really care less about if the Steelers win, but if Locker throws 5 interceptions and Pittsburgh somehow loses the game that’s fine by me.

My Pick:  Steelers

Bengals at Bears






This one is another interesting Week 1 contest because here we can see if Jay Cutler can take some steps to improve his game, as well as figure out if the Bengals are for real this year.  This should be a hard fought contest, but I think that the Bengals have too much talent on both sides of the ball for Chicago to start with a win.

My Pick:  Bengals

Seahawks at Panthers





This one could be a trap game for the Seahawks considering how high the expectations are going into this season.  Cam Newton is still a star quarterback and I think that he can still make some big plays against this vaunted Seattle defense.  Newton might break off a run here or there, but expect for Russell Wilson and company to make a few plays of their own, en route to a possible Super Bowl victory.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Patriots at Bills





It’ll be interesting to see if former Cougar quarterback Jeff Tuel gets any playing time in this game, but expect that to be the lone bright spot for Buffalo.

My Pick:  Patriots

Packers at 49ers





This same matchup happened at the start of last year and I remember that everyone said that the Packers were going to win, only to be proven wrong as the Niners won that contest as well as that divisional playoff game against the Packers last year on the way to their 6th Super Bowl appearance.  I think this will be another hard fought contest, but I still think Green Bay has yet to figure this team out.  I can be wrong though, but I say the Niners have too much of an edge at home.

My Pick:  Niners

Cardinals at Rams





It’s wierd how just a few seasons ago the NFC West was the laughingstock of the entire NFL and now they are one of, if not that the, best division in all of football.  Carson Palmer will now be throwing some spirals for Arizona, which is a huge upgrade from all the other quarterbacks who have been throwing for the Cardinals, but again the question is how complete is your team.  The Rams were able to get Jake Long in free agency as well as Trayvon Austin in the draft, and they could turn out to be a pleasant surprise this year (depending on how you look at it).

My Pick:  Rams

Giants at Cowboys





Before I say that the Cowboys will lose this game because of Tony Romo (which they will), I will say that the Cowboys might just win the division this year.  Simply because Dez Bryant is poised for a big year and I think that with an improved defense this team has enough pieces in place to be a contender in the NFC.  I expect for Eli and the Giants to have the edge (considering that they are also 4-0 in the Cowboys new stadium), but expect for the Cowboys to have a better season in the end.  Even if they don’t win this week.

My Pick:  Giants

Eagles at Redskins





Games like this are going to make Chip Kelly wish that he was back at Oregon.  I’m sorry Eagles fans but I can’t make a case for your team winning tomorrow’s game.

My Pick:  Redskins

Texans at Chargers





Same with this one for the Chargers.  I’m sorry but Houston is just too good.  I also have their defense in fantasy.

My Pick:  Texans

Thanks for taking your time to read this, and I hope to see more fan contribution with this segment in the near future. I also apologize for an earlier error I committed in my Week 1 College Football Picks. The Cougars actually traveled to Los Angeles to play the Trojans and didn’t play them in Pullman.

My Record:  1-0

Best of luck to all your teams this season!







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