Previewing the First “official” TNF Game

I’m going to do things a little differently.  First I’m going to preview the game between the Jets and the Patriots, and then after work I will do the rest of my Week 2 picks.  Work is starting to turn into a slave labor camp so I’m going to need as much sleep as possible between now and my next shift.  Here goes my pick.

Jets at Patriots





Ever since that surprise 28-21 win in the 2010 Divisional playoffs by the Jets things have gone New England’s way.  It looks like the Patriots will all but run away with the division, but I see some vulnerabilities.  I’m going to flashback to 2009 when the Patriots were favored to beat the Jets in Week 2 of the NFL season.  New England had just struggled to a win over Buffalo while the Jets had just beat Houston.  Both teams were 1-0.  The Jets surprised the Patriots and beat them by a score of 16-9.  Oh, and Mark Sanchez was also a rookie at the time.

See where I’m going with this.  History may not repeat itself, but the stars may be aligned for a Jets upset.  My head says New England, but I’ve got a strong gut feeling that the Jets will win this football game especially since lady luck was strongly on their side when they beat Tampa Bay 18-17.  We’ll see what happens.

My Pick: Jets

My Record: 9-7

Stay classy everyone!


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