Here’s the rest of Week 2

Bear with me people there’s a good chance we could be on this schedule for a while considering that work is understaffed and I have to work a lot of double shifts.  The Jets upset over New England obviously didn’t come to fruition, but they did come close, losing by a final score of 13-10.  It’s safe to say that the Patriots will have a very hard time going against the other AFC heavweights (which is fine by me), but they still have some time to turn it around.

Anyways here’s the rest of my Week 2 predictions.

Rams at Falcons





Atlanta has a huge advantage in the Georgia Dome, but this game will be closer than what people think.  Rams quarterback Sam Bradford seems to be clicking with his wide receivers, and an upset wouldn’t be a shocker.  However, I don’t think their offense (or defense for that matter), can keep up with Matt Ryan and his double trouble of Roddy White and Julio Jones.

My Pick:  Falcons

Chargers at Eagles





From this point onward I will have a very hard time picking the Chargers because essentially they have become the Cowboys of the AFC.  Also I saw highlights of the Eagles/Redskins game on Monday night, and the Eagles ran Chip Kelly’s no-huddle offense to perfection.  I don’t think that San Diego has the defensive talent to keep up with these birds, especially on their home turf.  I have no faith in the Chargers, especially given the 28-7 blown lead they surrendered against the Texans.

My Pick:  Eagles

Cowboys at Chiefs





Ok I will try to stop bashing on the Cowboys for just one game.  That was a good win they got against the Giants, but I think that the Kansas City Chiefs are very strongly underrated as a football team.  I will pick against Dallas again (and I may get burned again), but I think that the Chiefs will impress a lot of people in Andy Reid’s home debut with his new team.  This team has a lot of talent on their roster, and I think that Dallas will have a hard time beating a contender like this one on the road this early in the season. 

My Pick:  Chiefs

Dolphins at Colts





This game could go either way, but the question I ask myself is which defense is better, and can their offense keep up if the other team goes on a scoring rampage?  The Colts answer both of my questions.

My Pick:  Colts

Titans at Texans





Easy one!

My Pick:  Texans

Redskins at Packers





RGIII will get his first taste of Lambeau Field, and I don’t think it will be a good one.  Green Bay in my opinion is going to be more disciplined after a loss and the Redskins seem like a team that is still trying to learn how to deal with success.  This isn’t a season-crushing game for the Skins, but expect for there to be panic in Washington if they start 0-2.

My Pick:  Packers

Browns at Ravens





Another easy one!

My Pick:  Ravens

Panthers at Bills





This is a very interesting game because both teams lost close games to fellow conference contenders this year.  Both teams are impressive, but I look at Buffalo’s close loss to New England and I see a team that plays a more complete game and is less one-dimensional than their opponent.  Expect for Cam Newton to struggle a little in this one, and expect the Bills to pull out a close one.

My Pick:  Bills

Vikings at Bears






Same with this one.  While the Vikings have a strong rushing attack, the Bears have a good rushing attack, passing attack, and a strong defense as well.  Minnesota may cover the spread, but Chicago will win this one.

My Pick:  Bears

Saints at Buccaneers





Let me ask you a rhetorical question.  Which team would you trust, one who just beat one of the best teams in the NFL, or one who just lost to a league joke in the final seconds?

My Pick:  Saints

Lions at Cardinals





I think Detroit will impress a lot of people this year.  Expect that trend to continue against a Cardinals team that many consider a pushover.

My Pick:  Lions

Jaguars at Raiders





Oakland almost beat a strong Colts team while the Jaguars lost to the Chiefs 28-2.  Rotten tomato meets an even more rotten tomato.

My Pick:  Raiders

Broncos at Giants





Considering Peyton just threw for 7 touchdowns and seeing as to how his brother threw a game-ending interception in last week’s game, expect for the elder Manning to make it 3-0 against his younger sibling.

My Pick:  Broncos

49ers at Seahawks





 This could be the NFC right here.  One thing for sure though is that it’s early-season bragging rights.  San Francisco got a strong win over the Packers in Week 1 while the Seahawks struggled against the Panthers.  That’s cause for concern among Seattle fans, but expect for Seattle’s 12th Man to influence this game.  Seattle very rarely loses at home, and this is no different.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Steelers at Bengals





Well it will be great to see the Steelers start 0-2 this year.  Pittsburgh struggled against the Titans (AGAINST THE TITANS), and now they go to Cincinnati, a likely division winner, on national television.  Given how strong the Andy Dalton-A.J. Green connection is, expect for the Steelers defense to struggle.  Also I hear their offense is kind of starting to suck too. 

My Pick:  Bengals

Thanks for your patience and for staying with me even during this rough patch.  Hopefully things improve.

My Record:  9-8

Stay classy everyone!






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