NFL Week 3 Picks

Well I fared slightly better last week finishing 11-5 in my NFL picks compared to 9-7 in Week 1.  College football was still atrocious though, and with that said we need to move on to Week 3 of the NFL season.  Let’s start with a special reunion game. 

Chiefs at Eagles





Andy Reid will be making his return to the “City of Brotherly Love” soon, and this without a doubt will be a dynamite game.  Chip Kelly has his offense rolling on all cylinders, and despite a last second 33-30 loss to the Chargers his Eagles look great.  However, I will flashback to 2010 when a Donovan Mcnabb returned as a Redskin and that team won that first game in Philly.  I’m not saying this will for sure result in a Chiefs win, but this will be a tough test for the Eagles, and I don’t think they’ve shown me enough to pull through on this one.

My Pick:  Chiefs

Texans at Ravens





While the Ravens shouldn’t be taken lightly, they should have won by more than an 8-point margin in their 14-6 victory over the Browns.  Houston has a lot of offensive and defensive weapons, and expect for the Texans to show Baltimore just why they’re an AFC contender.

My Pick:  Texans

Giants at Panthers





In a battle of 0-2 teams, I am going to place my trust in Eli Manning because there’s no way he’s going to let the Giants start 0-3.

My Pick:  Giants

Lions at Redskins





Same with this one.  Don’t get me wrong I realize that Detroit has a lot of offensive weapons, but I don’t think that their defense will be able to keep up with a playmaker such as RGIII.

My Pick:  Redskins

Chargers at Titans





As much as we Cougars despise Jake Locker, I will say that it was kind of impressive how he stood toe-to-toe with the Texans last week.  Don’t expect the same with the Chargers though, because the Titans don’t really have that great of a defense.

My Pick:  Chargers

Cardinals at Saints





If it was in Arizona the Cardinals might have a chance.

My Pick:  Saints

Buccaneers at Patriots






Call this my upset of the week.  While New England should not be taken lightly because of their struggles, it’s important to note that they barely beat the Bills and the Jets.  Tampa Bay meanwhile lost in the final seconds in both their losses and could easily be 2-0.  I think the Pats will be in for a rude awakening as the Bucs show why they’re a sleeper pick in the NFC this year.

My Pick:  Buccaneers

Packers at Bengals





Both are phenomenal teams, but Green Bay has been too good for too long for me to pick against them.  Especially with Aaron Rodgers throwing that ball.

My Pick:  Green Bay

Rams at Cowboys





You know what, I’m going to pick the Cowboys this week.  They are playing the Rams though.

My Pick:  Cowboys

Browns at Vikings








The Browns have to face Adrian Peterson and they just traded Trent Richardson away to the Colts.  Yikes!  This is not good for Cleveland fans.

My Pick:  Vikings

Falcons at Dolphins





The Dolphins have gotten off to a great start but I don’t think they stack up quite well against a strong contender like the Falcons.  I could be wrong though, because if they beat Atlanta this team is definitely for real.  I reserve that shock and awe for after the result though.

My Pick:  Falcons

Bills at Jets





According to Pigskin Pick’em the Jets are 2.5 point favorites in this game.  I don’t know how this is, but I definitely trust Buffalo’s offense a lot more.  Geno Smith’s three picks last week support that theory.

My Pick:  Bills

Colts at 49ers






While adding Trent Richardson is a big improvement to an anemic Colts rushing attack, San Francisco is the more complete team.  I wouldn’t be surprised by a Colts upset, but I think that the Niners will be a little ticked off after that blowout in Seattle.  Especially since a certain quarterback had to shave an eyebrow.

My Pick:  49ers

Jaguars at Seahawks





I read an article about how Tim Tebow should be the new Jaguars starting quarterback.  You might as well Jacksonville, you’ve got nothing else going for you.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Bears at Steelers





I think Chicago has too many weapons to lose to Pittsburgh despite the fact that it’s at Heinz Field.  Rejoice Seahawks fans.

My Pick:  Bears

Raiders at Broncos





I will lose all respect for you if you think the Raiders will win this game.

My Pick:  Broncos

Well maybe not all but I’ll be really, really shocked and need you to write a 10-page paper on why you picked them.

My Record:  20-12

Best of luck to all your teams this week, and thanks for following me!


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