NFL Week 4 Picks

Well I’m 1-0 so far this week, and hopefully I get to 3-1 in fantasy as well.  Anways here’s the rest of Week 4.

Ravens at Bills





Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of confidence in this Buffalo Bills football team.  However, considering that the Ravens humiliated Houston, I expect for Baltimore to come out with more confidence and energy as they improve their record to 3-1 on the season.  This could be a long year for Buffalo fans.

My Pick:  Ravens

Cardinals at Buccaneers





The Bucs should not be 0-3 this season, and the Cardinals are going to find out why when they go to Tampa.  Tampa Bay has some quarterback problems, but they have talent at other positions and the Cardinals lack talent at other positions.

My Pick:  Buccaneers

Steelers at Browns





In a battle of 0-3 teams I expect for there to be miscues on both sides of the ball by both teams.  However, with how erratic the Steelers defense has been, I expect for AP to have a field day as he leads Minnesota to their first win.

My Pick:  Vikings

Giants at Chiefs





I don’t know what’s more surprising the fact that the Chiefs are 3-0 or that the Giants are 0-3?  Don’t expect for the G-men to get their first win just yet though because these Chiefs have definitely taken a big step from last season.  I wonder if Eli has been taking QB lessons from Mark Sanchez?!

My Pick:  Chiefs

Colts at Jaguars





Seriously Jacksonville sign Tebow!

My Pick:  Colts

Seahawks at Texans





Oh boy this will be a very tough one to forecast.  Houston just came off a humiliating drubbing by Baltimore and they’re going to be a little ticked off heading home in this showdown.  Meanwhile the Seahawks have shown just why they’re the class of the NFC in a blowout over Jacksonville.  Expect a close game, but Seattle will prevail.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Bengals at Browns





Both are coming off a win, but I like Cincy more because of that surprise win over Green Bay.  While that win by the Browns over Minnesota is kind of less of a surprise.

My Pick:  Bengals

Bears at Lions





Great, great NFC North matchup that could go either way (I know I say that a lot, lol).  Chicago is the more complete team though, and I think that Suh will make a stupid mistake or two that could decide this game.

My Pick:  Bears

Jets at Titans





If you would have told me both these teams would be 2-1 at this point in the season I would have told you to check into an insane asylum.  Both are however, and both have been pleasant surprises.  The Jets actually have a QB that can throw the ball while Jake Locker…well let’s just say he doesn’t completely suck.  While both have decent offenses, expect the better defense to decide this one.  Which in this case is the Jets.

My Pick:  Jets 

Redskins at Raiders





Even at 0-3 I’m still picking the Redskins

My Pick:  Redskins

[Insert Raiders joke here]

Eagles at Broncos





Even with Chip Kelly’s new offense there’s no sound reason to pick against Denver.  Especially since they’re at home.

My Pick:  Broncos

Cowboys at Chargers





Well would you look at this it’s the Cowboys of the AFC going against well the Cowboys of the NFC.  While San Diego has done little to lessen their reputation as choke artists I’ve got to give it to them in this one.  Especially because Tony Romo tends to poop his pants in these games.

My Pick:  Chargers

Patriots at Falcons





It’s great that New England is 3-0, but I think that they will be taken down to Earth in this one.  While Tom Brady actually was able to get some production from his receivers last week, I think that he won’t be able to pull off this one.  Matt Ryan rarely loses at home, and I think he will be a little ticked off based on how his team choked away that game in Miami.

My Pick:  Falcons

Dolphins at Saints





I don’t know how the Dolphins are 3-0 but expect that trend to end pretty soon.  New Orleans is very difficult to beat in the Superdome, and I think Miami got a little lucky when they played Atlanta last week.

My Pick:  Saints

But I will give them credit for their wins against Indy and Atlanta.

My Record:  28-21

Green Bay and Carolina both have byes this week.

Well best of luck to all your teams.

Stay classy everyone!


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