Week 5 NFL Picks

Well with all the stuff thats been going on with the government, I think it’s time for us to vent our anger towards something else.  I might not have this up in time for the Bills/Browns game, but regardless we can all agree that this one is of minor significance.  Anyways let’s go.

Bills at Browns





While Buffalo did get an impressive win against the defending champion Ravens last weekend, I think the Browns two-game winning streak speaks for itself.  If they win tonight they will be 3-0 without Trent Richardson, and they will.

My Pick:  Browns

Patriots at Bengals





For the last three weeks I have doubted the Patriots and I have paid the price for it each time.  I will reverse that trend this week especially because New England just beat an NFC contender while the Bengals lost to…well the Browns.

My Pick:  Patriots

Lions at Packers





It isn’t so much that I can’t see the Lions starting 4-1, rather it’s that I can’t see the Packers starting 1-3.  Especially since it’s at Lambeau.

My Pick:  Packers

Seahawks at Colts





Great win by Seattle last weekend and same for Indianapolis.  However in a battle of two young quarterbacks I think the better defense will win this battle, and it will be Seattle’s. 

My Pick:  Seahawks

Ravens at Dolphins





Miami has gotten off to a good start, but Baltimore is going to bounce back this week especially since the Dolphins showed some vulnerabilities in their loss to New Orleans.  Miami is good, but they have a long way to go before they’re considered a legitimate contender.

My Pick:  Dolphins

Saints at Bears






It isn’t so much that the Bears have looked bad, it’s just that the Saints are this good.  In this battle of contenders, I can’t see Chicago stopping New Orleans offense.

My Pick:  Saints

Eagles at Giants





While both are terrible, the Eagles have looked less terrible in their losses and that’s why I’m going with them.

My Pick:  Eagles

Who would’ve thought Eli and Big Ben would be 0-4.

Chiefs at Titans





In a battle of surprise teams, Kansas City has looked like the more complete one, and especially without Jake Locker it should be a breeze to stretch their record to 5-0.

My Pick:  Chiefs

Jaguars at Rams





Well Jacksonville should get at least one win this year.

My Pick:  Rams

Should, not will!

Panthers at Cardinals





While Arizona did get a good win against Tampa last week, don’t expect the same against Carolina.  The Panthers have too many weapons and I don’t think the Cardinals have enough to win this one.

My Pick:  Panthers

Broncos at Cowboys





I can’t pick against Denver, but seriously who can?

My Pick:  Broncos

Just think below .500 could win the NFC East this year.  Hmmm, I wonder who’s won a division like that lately?!

Texans at 49ers






I’m surprised both these contenders are 2-2 this season.  However with all the ball security issues the Niners have had I need to go with Houston especially since there’s no way they’re losing three in a row.

My Pick:  Texans

Chargers at Raiders





[Insert Raiders joke here]

My Pick:  Chargers

That shouldn’t get old anytime soon.

Jets at Falcons





Every time I pick against the Jets they win, and every time I pick them they lose.  I’m definitely picking the Falcons this week (and for obvious reasons), but I’ll let you know if this trend continues.

My Pick:  Falcons

My Record:  36-27

The Redskins, Steelers, Vikings, and Buccaneers have byes this week.

Best of luck, and stay classy!




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