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Week Seven College Football Round-up

College football is a spectacle that is dependent on the unthinkable happening. Blowouts when it was predicted to be a close game, upsets that no one saw coming, and gut punching turnovers that cripple a team’s chance at winning its game. Despite all of this, fans and media personalities try to make sense of it all; they try to predict the game and all of the madness that it encompasses.

One of these people is our very own Arthur Wilson, and he does a weekly prediction post. I am going to do a weekly wrap up of the week that was. The teams/games that are going to be randomly selected from Arthur’s prediction post. So, let’s get to it:


Oregon Ducks: The No. 2 Ducks made the trip north towards Seattle to take on rival (and No. 16) Washington. Oregon started off quickly by jumping to a 21-7 lead by the half. While Washington managed to win the third quarter — 17-10 — the Ducks cruised in the fourth quarter behind Marcus Mariota. It was the first time Mariota had played in the fourth quarter in 2013, and he shined: he was 24-31 with 366 passing yards with three touchdowns and he ran the ball 13 times with 88 rushing yards. It should also be noted that Oregon played with out De’Anthony Thomas (DAT), and still had a grand total of 265 yards on 50 carries (an average of 5.3 yards per carry).

Arthur had the Ducks beating the Huskies; he choose wisely.

South Carolina Gamecocks: No. 14 South Carolina made the trip to Arkansas to take on the Razorbacks. The Razorbacks were dismantled by the Gamecocks, 54-7. South Carolina out gained Arkansas 537-248; 266 to 30 through the air and 277 to 218 on the ground. Arkansas actually kept it close in the first quarter (10-7), but that was the only point where the game was close; as the Gamecocks outscored the Razorbacks 14-0 in the second, third, and fourth quarter. In other words, it was an absolute slaughter.

Arthur had the Gamecocks beating the Razorbacks; he choose wisely.


LSU Tigers: The No. 10 Louisiana State Tigers took on the No. 17 Florida Gators in Louisiana.  This was a return to your stereotypical SEC style game, by SEC type of game I mean “smash mouth football”. The Tigers were the only team to score an offensive touchdown, in fact they scored two of them. Florida’s ran the ball an incredible 40 times, but only were able to accumulate 111 yards on the ground — a putrid YPR of 2.8. The Tigers rushed the ball 39 times for 175 yards, or 4.5 YPR; as I said earlier, smash mouth football. Louisiana State won the game 17-6.

Arthur had the Tigers beating the Gators; he chose wisely.


Texas Longhorns: Texas has been struggling mighty all season long, and a lot of people expected that to continue against their rivals from Oklahoma. Well…shows you how much we know. As the Longhorns beat down No. 12 Oklahoma, 36-20. The Longhorns had an incredible 445 yards of offense in the game, and most of that came on the ground — to the tune of 255 yards on 60 rushing attempts. So Texas now sits at 4-2 and 3-0 in conference play… #MACKBROWNFOREVARS

Arthur had the Sooners beating the Longhorns; shenanigans happened.

Oregon State Beavers: The Beavers headed to Pullman, Washington to take on the Cougars this past Saturday. It was supposed to be a high-octane, pass fueled game…and it was, for those in the orange and black. Sean Mannion was 34-51 for 493 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions. That being said, the most impressive part of the Beavers performance on Saturday was their ability to captalize on the mistakes that the Cougs made — primarily turnovers (three interceptions and two fumbles). It was an impressive and thorough beat down that demoralized Martin Stadium.

Arthur had the Cougs beating the Beavers; and well, he choose poorly.

That’s a wrap on week seven. Stay tuned to see what Arthur has to say about week eight in college football later in the week.

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  1. I also was surprised by Missouri beating Georgia. I think they might be for real this season.