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Any Given Saturday…just not this one for WSU

On Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, the Washington State Cougars make the trip down to Eugene, Oregon to take on the No. 2 Oregon Ducks. The Cougs are 40 point underdogs, and it’s hard to blame Vegas for that prediction; WSU suffered a crushing defeat against Oregon State in Pullman last Saturday. There are lots of reasons that the Cougs should lose in their trip to Eugene — in fact there aren’t a lot of reasons to think the Cougs even have any kind of chance at winning this game. That being said, friend of the show Brett Gleason (and an author at West Coast Bias) took a look at what it would take to beat Oregon in Eugene for the U of O’s newspaper the Daily EmeraldAs Cougar and Duck fans prepare for this inevitable slaughter, I am going to apply my analysis to Brett’s scenario…because it’s early on Saturday morning and I can.

Gleason starts the article off by stating the very fact that it is highly unlikely for WSU to go into Oregon and pick up the win, and that he had been assigned an impossible task. That being said, his scenario starts off with the unlikely pregame injury of Marcus Mariota and during the course of the first half evolves into something that has actually happened quite a bit between the Cougs and the Ducks over the last few years; a close first half — the average score over the last three years at half time has been 22.3 to 15.3 in favor of Oregon.

“Perhaps the fans on both sides were more shocked, though, when the Ducks went into their extravagant locker room at halftime only up 21-17. True, the Cougars had hung tough with Oregon through the first half in recent years, but this year felt different.”-Brett Gleason on the Daily Emerald 

That’s really the only part of the story that has any basis in reality though, and I don’t really blame Brett…after all this game seems like its going to be a slaughter. So Brett goes into the not so realistic to have the Cougs beat the Ducks; for example there is the idea that Connor Halliday can complete 75% of his passes in a half. Or there is this gem;

“Wearing crazy uniforms was bound to cause a problem one day, it just so happened that the helmets made of mirrors Oregon chose to wear caused some serious problems.”

If WSU was to lose to any other team wearing this…I’d be upset

I mean, it probably isn’t mirrors the Oregon Equipment Department is using for their pink helmets today Brett…it’s probably the hopes and dreams of Husky fans; and those aren’t nearly as easy to break as mirrors. Okay, maybe I lied there.

That being said, the greatest part of Brett’s article is probably his prediction for how Washington State scores the game winning touchdown…and here’s a spoiler alert, it involves complete schadenfreude on Mike Leach’s part;

“The Cougars found themselves tied 45-45 with Oregon going into what would be the final drive of the game. With three seconds left to go, Halliday lobbed a 17-yard touchdown to receiver Gabe Marks, partially aided by an actual live Cougar released on the sidelines by Mike Leach, chasing all the defenders from the end zone.

Of course, the Pac-12 officials saw nothing.”

Anyway, now that we’ve lived in Brett’s fantasy world for the last 522 words it is time to go back to reality. The reality that I am referring to is that WSU is probably going to be crushed in Eugene on Saturday. Go Cougs, and give the Ducks all the points you possibly can.

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