Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Post #8

Well you’d think that up 64-62 you’d win in fantasy football this week.

You’d think that Andrew Luck would close it out for you.

Sadly that wasn’t the case.

I fell to 3-3.

Reggie Wayne and Danny Woodhead did me in, and Luck’s MNF debut turned out to be a dud.

As a result some changes had to be made.

Changes involving this guy!


So I know what a lot of you are thinking.  Why do you want to trade Calvin Johnson?!

Well in this trade I get Vernon Davis, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Marques Colston.  Not  a bad deal. 

Plus I get all this depth at RB, WR, and TE that I didn’t have before.

Worst comes to worst I can use people as trade bait to get even better players than I had before.

That means nothing though unless I beat Conner “Smoking Jays” in Week 7.

Stay Classy Everyone!



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