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PAC-12 Power Rankings for Week 9

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I know that you guys were extremely concerned, but be concerned no more as the Pac-12 Power Rankings are back. It has been an interesting hiatus that has cost me some excellent humor opportunities at the expense of some Pac-12 teams, but its ya know….whatever.

For those of you who missed the pre-season power rankings, you can find them here. For those of you who don’t care and just want to see how I have the conference stacking up right now, keep on reading.

  1. Oregon Ducks: For the first time in 2013, the Ducks failed to cover the spread. I think it means that it is time for those folks in Eugene to start panicking. I know I would if I was them.
  2. Stanford Cardinal: The Cardinal recovered quite nicely from their loss to Utah in week seven, as their defense controlled UCLA’s offense. Stanford held Brett Hundley to 4.9 yards per completion. That’ll do Stanford, that’ll do.
  3. Arizona State Sun Devils: ASU thoroughly dominated the Huskies, and in doing so they showed that while they are a young squad — and going to commit a lot of mistakes, see the game against Notre Dame — they still have the potential to kick the living snot out of a good team from time to time.
  4. UCLA Bruins: The Bruins loss to Stanford is probably going to drop them out of the top-10; and Bruins Nation is going to go into full melt down mode in 3…2…1….
  5. Oregon State Beavers: Oregon State have recovered nicely from its stumble against Eastern Washington in the first week. And by recovered nicely I mean ripped off six straight wins behind the arm of Sean Mannion; their most recent victim was Cal.
  6. Washington Huskies: The Huskies have now lost three and a row, and a large chunk of their fan base (read those who DID NOT go to UW) is in full melt down mode.
  7. Utah Utes: The Utes upset Stanford one week, and then lose to Arizona the next. Go figure….
  8. USC Trojans: The Trojans haven’t been able to do much of anything offensively; and that ineptitude was on full display against Notre Dame.
  9. Arizona Wildcats: Arizona walked its way though an easy nonconference slate, and it seemed like that was going to be a problem heading into conference play. The Wildcats lost their first conference two games, before beating Utah in week eight. So there’s that.
  10. Washington State: After calling out his players after their collapse against Oregon State from the week before, Mike Leach left his first string offense and defense in the game the entire game against Oregon. Nick Aliotti was not pleased with this, and had some choice words for Coach Leach. Also the bye week opens as 8.5 point favorites over WSU*, I expect that line to increase over the course of the week.
  11. Colorado Buffaloes: The Buffs are 3-3 overall, and 0-3 in conference play. It is to be nice to see the Buffs beating teams that they should, I hope they start pulling off upsets soon…because I like chaos, and everyone should know the feels of losing to a bad Colorado team.
  12. California Golden Bears: Cal is installing a new head coach, and a new offensive system, and are struggling as a result. Does this sound familiar Coug fans?

Hey Coach, any chance there might be another No. 1 in Neil’s Pac-12 Power Rankings this season? (Shout out to Jeff Collier for the .GIF)

*Odds are created by depressed and drunk Coug fans, not Vegas.

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