Sports Blog Movement NHL Previews: The Link Post

I am the first to admit that I know next to nothing about hockey, and that’s the reason that it isn’t heavily covered on this blog; it isn’t like we wouldn’t love to talk about hockey — it would be a major traffic boost for sure — we just don’t know enough about it to competently post about it right about it. Fortunately for us, we’ve joined a pretty cool group of guys; and a couple of those guys knows a thing or two about hockey.

In fact, they know so much about hockey that they are working on a NHL preview series for the Sports Blog Movement. So that is what this post is about; linking our loyal readers to some of the more interesting NHL previews out there.

Sports Blog Movement NHL Preview: Atlantic Division

“Out is Jaromir Jagr, tops on the list of active goal scorers. In comes Jarome Iginla, second on that same list.

Gone is bruising power forward Nathan Horton. In comes the slick puck moving winger Loui Eriksson.

Boston made a lot of moves, but has the look of a younger more balanced team than the one that looked overmatched against the Chicago Blackhawks.”

Sports Blog Movement NHL Preview: Pacific Division

“With the re-alignment of the National Hockey League, the Pacific Division is much more appropriately named now that the Dallas Stars, who were the division’s sole member in the Central Time Zone have been sent to the Central Division.   Sure, we know that still leaves three teams in the Mountain Time Zone, but since both Calgary and Edmonton don’t really look like they will contend and Phoenix may not be much better, the teams from this division likely still to be strapping on the skates come spring may very well be from the cities on the Pacific.”

Sports Blog Movement NHL Preview: Central Division

“The NHL’s version of the Central Division is going through some changes, thanks to realignment. Goodbye, Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets. Hello Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche. Sure it takes away a great Original Six rivalry between the Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks, but from a geographical standpoint, it makes sense. (I mean Winnipeg in the Southeast makes as much sense as the University of North Dakota joining the SEC.)

With realignment also comes a new playoff format in which divisional play is a much bigger factor now, than under the old format where conference play was key. So with that in mind, here’s a look at the NHL’s Central Division.”

Sports Blog Movement NHL Preview: Metropolitan Division

“Go ahead..get it out of your system.

“In honor of Bettman’s contributions to the NHL, I propose division names be: Lockout, Bad TV Deal, Inconsistent Discipline, and Metropolitan.”random blog poster.

“For a minute there, I thought I was reading The Onion.”ashamed hockey fan.

“i really f*cking hate gary bettman.every hockey fan, ever.

All joking aside (if that’s possible when Gary Bettman is involved) the newly formed…Metropolitan Divi…

..you know what, screw it I’m just going to call it ‘the Metro’. OK? Metropolitan sounds too stupid. Anyways…”

So this is what happens when a bunch of sports nuts get together to preview an entire league, eh?

Editor’s Note: The Sports Blog Movement also has an incredible series of post previewing the upcoming NBA season. Unfortunately for you guys there won’t be any link post for it because of the lingering burnout from the Sacramento Kings/Seattle SuperSonics saga. But feel free to go check it out, it is pretty awesome. 

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