Week 9 NFL Picks Part 1

Well last week went rather well for me, and I am sitting pretty at 71-49 Overall.  Let’s get off to another fast start in this intra-conference clash in Cincinnati.

Bengals at Dolphins





Miami has struggled as of late, and the Bengals are coming off a blowout 49-9 victory over the Jets.  Cincinnati also has four straight wins so don’t expect much to change this week.

My Pick:  Bengals

Falcons at Panthers





Carolina seems to have gotten hot at the right time, while Atlanta is trying to shake off a loss to the Cardinals.  Crown the Falcons the NFC’s biggest disappointment as their Super Bowl dreams vanish for good this weekend.

My Pick:  Panthers

Vikings at Cowboys





It seems the gameplan for taking Adrian Peterson out of the game is proving effective for NFL defenses.  If only there was a certain quarterback that could come out of retirement and join this franchise to make them relevant again….Just kidding!  I don’t think even Favre would want to come out of retirement to “re-join” this team.

My Pick:  Cowboys

Saints at Jets





My Pick:  Saints

You didn’t seriously think I’d pick the Jets did you?!

Titans at Rams





As terrible as both these teams are, having a starting quarterback leading your team versus a backup leading your team is a huge advantage in the Titans favor.  There’s also Chris Johnson to deal with too…

My Pick:  Titans

Chiefs at Bills





Granted the Chiefs haven’t played the best competition, but they’re still 8-0 and they know how to win football games.  You can’t say the same for the Bills though.

My Pick:  Chiefs

Chargers at Redskins





Considering the pleasant surprise the Chargers have been this season I expect for them to get the win in our nation’s capital.  Washington has talent, and I still don’t trust San Diego’s defense, but by the same token Washington’s offense has proven to be very inconsistent.  Inconsistency loses football games.

My Pick:  Chargers

Eagles at Raiders





Trick or treat, the Raiders will be .500 if they win this game.  I think Oakland will “treat” themselves to a win, while Philadelphia “tricks” no one in the loss and commits multiple turnovers.

My Pick:  Raiders

Buccaneers at Seahawks





0-7, 7-1; we’re all good at math aren’t we?!  Except for Com majors 😉

My Pick:  Seahawks

Ravens at Browns





As tough as the loss to Pittsburgh was to swallow, a loss to the Browns would be even tougher.  Baltimore will turn it around.

My Pick:  Ravens

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