Month: November 2013

It’s Our Turn Now Coug Fans

Dear fellow Cougs, Despite the 27-17 loss in the Apple Cup, the Washington State Cougars are still bowl eligible. This year’s squad earned its eligibility against the toughest Pac-12 in the last decade, and they did it without any final game drama. This was a team that many of us — in August — thought ...

Week 14 College Football Picks

Well unfortunately for me the Cougs did not win today, and to add insult to injury my fellow co-workers were making fun of Halliday’s struggles as he threw a game-ending interception to the Huskie defense.  In their defense though this is Huskie territory, but still… Anyways I’m just going to do a quick-fire of my college football ...

The Apple Cup is Back; Taking A Look at A Crucial Match-up in Husky Stadium

The 2012 Apple Cup is the largest come back in the history of the series, and I had the great fortune of having been there in person. Now the Washington State Cougars and the Washington Huskies will face off for the 106th time on Black Friday, and the week before the game gives Husky fans ...


Gobble Gobble here’s some football for ya!

Ah Thanksgiving, a tradition that celebrates overeating, giving thanks, and one group of people taking land from another group of people.  With that said though, there is still three great football games to be played this week.  Let’s start with an NFC North matchup.  Packers at Lions (5-5-1) Packers — (6-5-0) Lions — Despite Detroit’s ...

Pac-12 Power Rankings for Week 14

So for those of you who don’t know, the Washington State Cougars are bowl eligible for the first time since 2006; and are probably heading their first bowl game since 2003. That fact makes me extremely excited (warning: that post makes no sense). Now the question for Coug fans becomes, which bowl game that we are ...

Fast Reaction: Washington State Beats Utah to Become Bowl Eligible for the First Time Since 2006.

The Washington State Cougars beat the Utah Utes on Saturday, Nov. 23rd; this win makes the Cougs bowl eligible for the first time since 2006. Another great thing about this win is that it avenged the 2011 loss in Martin Stadium. This game was huge for the team, the fans, the program, and the school. ...

Fantasy Football Week 12

Allow this graphic to show how terrible my fantasy season is going I am 5-6, and I’m probably going to miss the playoffs! I’ve traded away Calvin Johnson, and my next game is going to be against the league champ who happens to be first in his division. This is not good! Time to hit ...

NFL Week 12 Picks

Well I’m sorry these are a little late, but I’ve been busy with work related things.  I predicted the Falcons to beat the Saints and that didn’t pan out, so let’s look to the rest of the week. Buccaneers at Lions (2-8-0) Buccaneers — (6-4-0) Lions — The Lions should win this game but the ...

College Football Picks Week 13

Well we are winding down to the final weeks of college football, and the road to the crystal football is becoming more…well crystal clear (sorry I’m bad at puns).  Hopefully my Cougars get their 6th win to become bowl-eligible and hopefully they also obtain their first bowl appearance since 2003.  Setting that aside though there ...

Sports with Neil From November 18th.

Sports with Neil had its second to last broadcast of 2013 — on — on Monday, Nov. 18th. It was  a pretty awesome show (despite the fact that Gibson and Victor forgot how mics work); it was even more awesome when you consider the fact that Voxpro allowed us to export the show! This ...

Exorcising the Football Demons: the Washington State Cougars and the Utah Utes

In 2011 Washington State football fans got their first taste of meaningful November football since 2006, and that came against the Utah Utes at Martin Stadium. The Cougs were 4-6 heading into that game — after an upset of Arizona State — and needed to win out to get to a bowl game. This game ...

Pac-12 Power Rankings for Week 13

Oregon’s loss to Stanford in week 11 killed the Duck’s national title hopes — or at least made it so mass chaos has to happen for the Ducks to be back in the hunt — but the Pac-12 still had a really good shot at having two representatives in BCS Bowls. Had a good shot ...

Fantasy Football Week 11

Well I lost again to Blu this week, and it was all because of this guy. Gosh darn it, I’m getting so sick of Drew Brees.  Anyways I won’t have to use the Colts Defense again, considering how they gave me no help at all against the Rams, because the Patriots D/ST is returning from ...

Week 12 College Football Picks

Let’s start by addressing an immediate error I made in last weeks article.  I incorrectly listed Oklahoma as #3 instead of #13 at the time.  It wouls be kind of wierd having the Oregon Ducks share the same ranking as another team.  Anways let’s get into the bigger picture.  I only have two matchups this ...

Week 11 NFL Picks

Well I’m back.  I stopped what could have been a monumental catastrophe with one of my best friends over the weekend, but that’s a story for another time.  Anyways let’s start by predicting an AFC South slugfest. Colts at Titans (6-3-0) Colts — (4-5-0) Titans — Even though the Colts did struggle against the Rams ...

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