A Triple Team of Football Related Things

While I am celebrating the new manager the Seattle Mariners got, I understand that it is still football season and there still is a lot of picks left to be made.  Sorry if there isn’t a lot of analysis in this weeks batch, but fatigue and timing have made this article less supplemental than its been in the past.  Here goes!

College Football

#6 Baylor over #3 Oklahoma

#3 Oregon over #5 Stanford

#1 Alabama over #13 LSU

My Record:  28-24


Vikings over Redskins

Seahawks over Falcons

Bills over Steelers

Bears over Lions

Eagles over Packers

Colts over Rams

Giants over Raiders

Jaguars over Titans

Bengals over Ravens

Panthers over Niners

Texans over Cardinals

Broncos over Chargers

Saints over Cowboys

Dolphins over Buccaneers

My Record:  78-55

Fantasy Football

Thanks to Andrew Luck I won 110-97 last week to improve to 5-4.  I got the #3 spot in the league which puts me right smack dab in the playoffs.  Our league has two divisions so I will be the first wild card team.  I face my friend Blu this week, and he has the best record in our fantasy league.  He’s favored to win 114-109, but I won’t let that slow me down.

You have just been triple-teamed!

Stay Classy Everyone!



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