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Pac-12 Power Rankings for Week 12

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Was there ever that on thing you always you always wanted as a child — whether that be a particular toy set or a certain girl in your grade school class to notice you? No matter how hard you tried, you never could get that one thing…it is enough to drive any human being insane.

One thing I’ve noticed as an adult is that that desire never goes away, it just manifolds itself in different ways. For me, one of those things that I’ve wanted is for Oregon to capture a national championship game to shut up those obnoxious Husky fans that troll Oregon because they haven’t captured a national title yet. After all, it’s not like Oregon has a most recent Rose Bowl victory AND ten straight wins over UW…that’s sarcsasm by the way.

Unfortunately, that won’t be happening this upcoming January; in fact, one Duck fan feels like their window for a national championship has closed. I completely disagree with his argument, but that is not what this post is about…this post is about ranking the Pac-12 and we shall do that.

Like right now:

  1. Stanford Cardinal: The Cardinal completely dominated the Ducks for three and a half quarters. Mark Helfrich looked like a rookie coach, and that’s understandable. But still, this game sucks
  2. Oregon Ducks: GOD DAMNIT OREGON
  3. Arizona State: Arizona State almost became the second Ute victory over a Pac-12 opponent in 2013, almost.
  4. UCLA Bruins: The Bruins are finding ways to win on the road, that’s a good sign for Jim Mora’s program. Also, Bruins Nation will probably want him gone if he doesn’t win a Rose Bowl next season.
  5. Washington Huskies: The Huskies clinched their fourth straight bowl birth under Steve Sarkisian, and are now one win away from tying Sarkisian’s career high in wins — that was seven wins in 2012, 2011, and 2010 in case you were wondering.
  6. USC Trojans: The Trojans now have seven wins and are still in the Pac-12 South race, because of course they are.
  7. Oregon State Beavers: Took the week off
  8. Utah Utes: The Utes only other Pac-12 win was against Stanford in Rice-Eccles Stadium; they’ve also taken UCLA and Arizona State to the wire in Salt Lake City as well. Soooo close to MUSS chaos, soooo close.
  9. Arizona Wildcats: Arizona played the Bruins tough, but there is still a large roster hole for Rich Rod to dig them out of. They have some shiny new facilities though.
  10. Washington State Cougars: The Cougs need a win against the Wildcats to keep their bowl hopes alive. Unfortunately for the Cougs, Tuscon has been a horror show the last few time they made the trip. Washington State did not play in week 11.
  11. California Golden Bears: This is probably not how Sonny Dykes envisioned his first season in Berkeley going…
  12. Colorado Buffaloes: I’ve spent more time deciding who is worst team in the conference this season than I have on any other spot in my power rankings. Thanks Cal and Colorado!

Hey Coach, should Neil even bother trying to figure out the last three spots in his power rankings?

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