NFL Week 12 Picks

Well I’m sorry these are a little late, but I’ve been busy with work related things.  I predicted the Falcons to beat the Saints and that didn’t pan out, so let’s look to the rest of the week.

Buccaneers at Lions





The Lions should win this game but the Buccaneers have reeled off two straight wins.  I think the Matthew Stafford/Calvin Johnson connection will still pay dividends though.  Why the he## did I get rid of Calvin Johnson.

My Pick:  Lions

Vikings at Packers





Even without a proper quarterback I don’t think the Packers will lose to the Vikings.  Surprises do happen though…and sometimes they aren’t good ones.

My Pick:  Packers

Jaguars at Texans





Stinky diaper versus bucket of vomit.  The bucket wins.

My Pick:  Texans

Chargers at Chiefs





Kansas City should be able to easily shake off a loss to Denver.  They’re playing the Chargers next, and Rivers always chokes in big games.

My Pick:  Chiefs

Panthers at Dolphins





Coming off a home win against New England you can’t go against Carolina.  New Orleans meet your competition for the NFC South.

My Pick:  Panthers

Steelers at Browns





Wow both these teams are terrible.  While Pittsburgh has struggled in the early part of the season I think that they’ve just about righted the ship.  Cleveland won at home against Pittsburgh last year, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for them.

My Pick:  Steelers

Bears at Rams





Despite a huge win against the Colts last week I think the Rams just caught lightning in a bottle.  Sure they may have turned a corner, but I don’t think they can beat the Bears, especially considering they’ve lost four straight to them.

My Pick:  Bears

Jets at Ravens





My roommates would always take my money when these two teams played, especially because the Jets never won.  Both these teams have been up and down, but considering how the Jets win and lose every other game we can count this one as a win.

My Pick:  Jets

I still can’t figure this team out!

Titans at Raiders





As terrible as both these teams are, I can’t pick the Raiders.  Oakland won’t be able to stop Chris Johnson, and a simple 80-yard run could make this game, and I see Tennessee making more big plays over the course of this game.

My Pick:  Titans

Colts at Cardinals





Somehow the Cardinals have emerged as a strong candidate for that last wild-card spot in the NFC.  I don’t think they can beat the Colts though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.  It’s a coin flip people.

My Pick:  Colts

Cowboys at Giants





Considering Romo’s reputation as a choke artist and the Giants four straight wins they’ve pulled off, I can totally see a Giants victory.  If they seriously win this division I will laugh my a$$ off.

My Pick:  Giants

Broncos at Patriots





Denver is a great team, and while Brady may be 9-4 against Manning, I can’t help but think about how good the Broncos offense has been over the last year.  They’ve only lost two games since their 2012 Week 5 defeat in Foxboro, and this won’t be their third.  New England’s defense can’t hold them, and I can’t wait to see the final score.

My Pick:  Broncos

Pick a body part Manning!

49ers at Redskins





The Redskins are red, and so are the Niners.  However, the Niners are good and the Redskins aren’t.  Should solve that argument.

My Pick:  49ers

My Record:  94-69

Stay classy everyone!

The Bills, Bengals, Eagles, and Seahawks all have byes.



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