Gobble Gobble here’s some football for ya!

Ah Thanksgiving, a tradition that celebrates overeating, giving thanks, and one group of people taking land from another group of people.  With that said though, there is still three great football games to be played this week.  Let’s start with an NFC North matchup. 

Packers at Lions





Despite Detroit’s recent struggles, they still have the edge in this tight NFC North race.  Even with two straight losses they are still leading the division.  Green Bay has struggled mightily without Aaron Rodgers, and I think that without a good quarterback the Packers won’t be competitive for a while.  While the Lions surprisingly still will be.

My Pick:  Lions

Raiders at Cowboys






Dallas can beat the teams below .500, they just can’t beat the teams above it.  They win this round, but I’d be nervous about that matchup with Philly in Dallas.

My Pick:  Cowboys

Steelers at Ravens





This could be for the final AFC Wild Card spot.  I say that each team scores at least 21 points, but the game ends on a field goal.  Coming off of that shellacking of Geno Smith and the Jets I say that Baltimore wins this one.  Especially because of how huge home-field advantage is at their stadium and the fact that they haven’t lost a divisional game at home all year.

My Pick:  Ravens

My Record:  98-77 

Stay classy everyone!

We’ll see how well Sebastian Janikowski does for my fantasy team. Other than that I’m pretty much done for the season (looks like the consolation bracket for me). I’ll keep you updated with more football as the week progresses.


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  1. There are games that eventual playoff teams are expected to win, and then there’s the Detroit Lions ‘ matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday in Detroit.