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Week 14 College Football Picks

Well unfortunately for me the Cougs did not win today, and to add insult to injury my fellow co-workers were making fun of Halliday’s struggles as he threw a game-ending interception to the Huskie defense.  In their defense though this is Huskie territory, but still…

Anyways I’m just going to do a quick-fire of my college football picks.  There’s a lot at stake here and it ultimately doesn’t just come down to who’s representing their respective divisions in the Conference Title game, it also determines who goes to the national title game and who stays home.  This is my opinion, and while it may not conventional I might be right.  Here we go!

#4 Auburn over #1 Alabama

#6 Clemson over #10 South Carolina

#8 Stanford over #25 Notre Dame

#5 Missouri over #21 Texas A&M

#22 UCLA over #23 USC

My Record: 33-28

Stay Classy Everyone!



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