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It’s Our Turn Now Coug Fans

Dear fellow Cougs,

Despite the 27-17 loss in the Apple Cup, the Washington State Cougars are still bowl eligible. This year’s squad earned its eligibility against the toughest Pac-12 in the last decade, and they did it without any final game drama.

This was a team that many of us — in August — thought would struggle to win four games, and yet they won six…SIX!

In two seasons at the helm, Mike Leach has managed to take a program that was the laughing-stock of college football and won three road conference games; and double the win total from his first season as a result. This shows that Coach Leach has successfully installed a different culture in that locker room.

And now it is time for the culture to change with the fans who support the team.

The pathetic student turnout for the Utah game — the win that made the Cougs bowl eligible, the pathetic alumni turnout for the Halloween Game, and the small donor base are all signs that this fan base is still apathetic. That needs to change if the Cougs are going to seriously compete for Pac-12 championships in all of the school’s varsity sports.

This is WSU’s chance to pull it self out of the dregs of the Pac-12.

Coach Leach, Greeny, McAlpine, Daugherty, and their staffs have done a fantastic job of getting talent into their programs and getting them into position to compete for post season berths. That being said, they need us [the fans] to step up and capitalize on what they have built.

For that to happen, they need the Cougar Athletic fund to continue to grow; they need more money to be dumped into improving the facilities; and they need more money to be put into the athletic scholarship funds.

So how can we help do that?

  • Well, for those of you who are able to afford monthly donations to the Cougar Athletic Fund…do it.
  • There is also buying season tickets to volleyball, baseball, football, and both basketball programs — I believe to buy those, you have to make a donation to the CAF.
  • If you can’t afford season tickets, make at least one football game in Pullman; as well as the Seattle Game.
  • If you can’t afford to go to a game in Pullman…keep buying officially licensed Cougar gear — part of the proceeds from those go to WSU — and try to make it to as many games as you can.
  • For the students, get a sports pass and show up at as many games as you can (basketball, volleyball, football, and baseball).

Bill Moos, the athletic department staff, and the coaches/athletes have done their jobs.

So it is our turn now Coug fans; show everyone why the fight song says “Best in the West”


Neil Roberts

Social Sciences 2015

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