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The four venues that host the BCS games take turns hosting the Championship game. This year, that duty falls to the folks in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.  But there’s a flip-side to that; lately, ther’s on BCS game that is loaded up with teams you either never heard of or just don’t seem to fit with the concept. This year, that duty falls to the folks in Glendale at the University of Phoenix Stadium as the Fiesta Bowl will host Baylor and the University of Central Florida.

We’re going to ignore the obvious comment here about how an on-line university has a stadium. Instead, we’d rather focus on the fact that since both these teams are making their BCS debuts, the average fan my not know much about these teams. Of course, we are here to fix that.

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SBM Exclusive: Six Things To Watch For In The Final Bowl Championship Series

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By J-Dub and Neil Roberts

As we approach the final installment of the Bowl Championship Series, it becomes time for us here at Sports Blog Movement to break down six things you can expect to see as we go through the five games that we sometimes not-so-lovingly refer to as the BCS. After all, you damn well know the blowbags at ESPN aren’t going to tell you anything like this.

1) Tears for Fears for Alabama

This may come as a shock to the casual college football fan, but Alabama is not playing in the national championship game.  If you got your college football news from ESPN exclusively before the Tide lost to Auburn, you would have thought the boys from Tuscaloosa were an automatic berth to the BCS game every year since Alabama was re-admitted to the Union.  Truth be told, Alabama won the big game three of the…

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