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College Football Week 15 (Conference Championship Week) Picks

There is so much great football to watch, and I need to work during all of it.  F*** my life!  Anyways let’s go to a Big 12 Rivalry matchup in Stillwater.

#17 Oklahoma at #6 Oklahoma State

(17) Oklahoma

(9-2, 6-2 Big 12)

(6) Oklahoma State

(10-1, 7-1 Big 12)

Just ask Baylor how tough it was to play in this Stadium.  While I shouldn’t use the A>B>C so A>C argument, I need to give the edge to the Cowboys.  Oklahoma State is ranked 11th in the FBS in points scored, and they also have a highly touted passing attack.  Oklahoma is going to have a hard time catching up, especially considering they have a redshirt freshman at the helm.  There’s some room for doubt because this is a rivalry game, but in the end Oklahoma State is the better team.

My Pick:  #6 Oklahoma State

#25 Texas at #9 Baylor

(25) Texas

(8-3, 7-1 Big 12)

(9) Baylor

(10-1, 7-1 Big 12)

Despite a 1-2 start the Texas Longhorns still have an opportunity to win the Big 12.  While the turnaround has been a great story, Baylor’s offense is just too hot for the Horns to handle.  Baylor still has the #1 Scoring offense despite running into an Oklahoma State buzz saw a few weeks ago.  Baylor wins this one, but they don’t win the Big 12.  Also the game is in Waco.

My Pick:  #9 Baylor

#5 Missouri versus #3 Auburn (SEC Championship Game)

(5) Missouri

(11-1, 7-1 SEC)

(3) Auburn

(11-1, 7-1 SEC)

Wow I definitely did not expect this for the SEC Title game.  With Alabama out Florida State is now the favorite to win the title, with the winner of this game potentially challenging them for this year’s title.  As good as Auburn was against Alabama I’ve got to give the edge to Missouri.  The reason I choose Missouri in this contest is because their only loss was to South Carolina in Double Overtime because of a botched field goal.  Meanwhile Auburn got blown out by LSU in their only loss.  Missouri by a hair!

My Pick:  #5 Missouri

#7 Stanford at #11 Arizona State (PAC-12 Championship Game)

(7) Stanford

(10-2, 7-2 Pac-12)

(11) Arizona State

(10-2, 8-1 Pac-12)

Well the Ducks screwed up so we get this instead…which in and of itself isn’t bad.  Arizona State has done a great job stepping up their play this year, but considering Stanford’s win earlier this season against this Sun Devil team I think that history will repeat itself.  I would be just fine with a Stanford/Michigan State Rose Bowl.

My Pick:  #7 Stanford

#20 Duke versus #1 Florida State (ACC Championship Game)

(20) Duke

(10-2, 6-2 ACC)

(1) Florida State

(12-0, 8-0 ACC)

As great as Duke has been this season, they are a basketball school and not a football school.  That should be enough for you.

My Pick:  #1 Florida State

#2 Ohio State versus #10 Michigan State

(2) Ohio State

(12-0, 8-0 Big Ten)

(10) Michigan State

(11-1, 8-0 Big Ten)

Allow me to bring up the Michigan Test.  Do you remember the Championship game last year when Alabama played Notre Dame.  Both those teams played Michigan earlier in the season.  Alabama smacked Michigan and they didn’t have any chance of competing in that game, but when Michigan went to Notre Dame despite four turnovers the Wolverines were still in the game and barely lost.  Alabama then went on to destroy Notre Dame in the National Title game.  Going to this year, Michigan State killed Michigan at home, while Ohio State needed a last minute goal line stand to beat them.  You should know who I’m going to pick, and I also hate Ohio State.

My Pick:  #10 Michigan State

My Record:  37-29

Stay Classy Everyone!







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