NFL Week 15 Picks

Well the Cougars got a bowl game for the first time in 10 years, and an SEC team is once again in the National Championship (fingers crossed they don’t win again this year).  This is the NFL though, so let’s start with this Thursdays matchup.

Chargers at Broncos


The only thing that could make this better would be a Manti Teo girlfriend joke.  That and the fact that the Chargers are going to get waxed again by Denver for a fifth straight time.

My Pick:  Broncos 

I don’t think it’s too soon for those kinds of jokes anymore…

Redskins at Falcons





Well the Redskins didn’t get the memo that the shutdown ended two months ago, but don’t write them off just yet in this one because they’re playing the Falcons who have played like roadkill for the better part of the entire 2013 season.  Don’t be too surprised if your eyes bleed watching this one.  I give the Falcons a slight edge considering the shutdown of RGIII for the rest of the season.

My Pick:  Falcons

49ers at Buccaneers





As good as San Francisco played in their upset win at home over Seattle, you need to realize that Tampa Bay has won four of their last five.  The Bucs are catching fire at the right time and this could be a trap game for San Francisco.  Bucs win and Seattle clinches the NFC West for the first time since that 7-9 finish in 2010.

My Pick:  Buccaneers

Seahawks at Giants





It isn’t so much that the Seahawks are trying to stop the Giants from winning this game, instead it’s the Seahawks trying to find ways not to lose to the Giants.  That’s how good of a team Seattle is, and they’ll have all but clinched home-field after they win this one.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Eagles at Vikings





Ouch the Vikings lost Adrian Peterson, and they have to host the Eagles (who have won 5 straight).  Bad news for both them and my fantasy team (more on that later).

My Pick:  Eagles

Patriots at Dolphins





Even with the loss of Gronk the Pats should still be able to easily clinch the East.  Whether they get a bye or not will be entirely up in the air considering how that early season loss to the Bengals could drop them to a 3 seed.

My Pick:  Patriots

Bills at Jaguars





The Jags are on the cusp of losing their third straight….wait a minute they’re tied for the longest winning streak in the AFC.  How did this happen?!  I’m going with the hot hand on this one, Jags are my Super Bowl pick for 2014.

My Pick:  Jaguars

How about a Jaguars/Lions Super Bowl?!

Texans at Colts





I would not believe you if you told me that at the start of the season the Texans would start out 2-0 and then lose their next 11.  Let’s make it 12.

My Pick:  Colts

Seriously the Mariners are better and they don’t even play football!

Bears at Browns





Cutler will be back for the Bears this Sunday, and as much as I would like to give this one to the Browns I can’t get that Monday Night beatdown of Dallas out of my head.  For better or worse Cutler wins this one, but the Lions take the division.

My Pick:  Bears

Is Cutler the new Tony Romo?!

Chiefs at Raiders





The Chiefs are 1-3 in their last four games, but thankfully they play Oakland…who lost to the Jets!  That sums this argument up…

My Pick:  Chiefs

Jets at Panthers





I still don’t know where to place the Jets (who are 3-0 against the NFC South).  It might be difficult to get to 4-0, but given the inconsistency of this team I’m going to give them a win to keep the whole win-loss-win-loss thing going. 

My Pick:  Jets (I may revise this…)

Packers at Cowboys





I think the Packers have a stronger right to be America’s team considering how they are run by the fans and for the fans.  Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been cleared for this weeks game, but given how the Cowboys lost to Chicago’s backup they don’t really have much to hang their hat on.  It will be close, but Green Bay wins this in a minor upset.

My Pick:  Packers

Cardinals at Titans





Arizona is only one game behind San Francisco for that second wild-card slot.  Surprising, considering how they imploded after starting 4-0 in 2012.  Arizona gets the win because they’re playing the Titans, but getting into the playoffs might be asking a little too much.

My Pick:  Cardinals

Saints at Rams





The Rams have gotten some quality upsets over the course of 2013, but this one is too big for them.  Saints win and more or less clinch the NFC South.

My Pick:  Saints

Bengals at Steelers





The Bengals are one of the more underrated teams in today’s NFL.  While the Steelers have gotten some momentum since that 0-4 start, they don’t have the talent on both sides of the ball that Cincinnati does.  Bengals win and maybe get one step closer towards clinching a bye.

My Pick:  Bengals

Ravens at Lions





The Ravens have been looking pretty good going into the stretch run, but is their defense strong enough to stop the Stafford/Johnson connection.  I say not, though it will be close.

My Pick:  Lions

My Record:  122-87

I’m up 89-81 in my consolation round matchup against Sebastian in fantasy football.  I’m going to bench Adrian Peterson given his injury and put in DeAngelo Williams as my running back.  I’m also going to put in Andrew Luck instead of Tom Brady, and put in Steve Smith as my Flex and take out MJD.  Wish me luck.

Stay Classy Everyone!










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