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Fast Reaction: Cougs Blow a Late Lead In New Mexico

Washington State’s football team laid a massive egg in the last quarter of its last game of the 2013 season. The Cougs had three straight fumbles — one of them was overturned because Halliday’s was sitting on the ground when he was stripped — at the end of the game; those fumbles led to 18 unanswered points in the final five minutes of the ball game, and a Colorado State victory.

The most frustrating part about this entire situation is the fact that the Cougs had a touchdown lead and ninety seconds to burn off of the clock to secure the victory and instead of kneeling it, the Cougs ran the zone read…and then after that near disaster (Connor’s fumble was overturned) they ran it straight at the Rams stud middle line backer with Lafusa, and he fumbled the ball. Why WSU didn’t take a knee there, I will never know.

But it is incredibly infuriating.

It is infuriating that this season ended with the team Cougining it after the major strides that the program made this season.

It is incredibly infuriating that there was such piss poor clock management at the end of the game, especially when you have possession of the ball with less than two minutes AND an eight point lead.

While the decision to run the ball continuously up the middle was probably Connor’s decision…you would have thought that Leach would have talked to him about kneeling (or mixing in a quick pass play) during the time that the booth was reviewing whether or not Halliday fumbled it on the zone read. If that conversation didn’t take place than that is a major coaching failure; but if that conversation did take place and Halliday ignored it…than Halliday deserves to be rolled in the sand pit at Rodger’s Field, and rolled a lot.

The team fucking Coug’d it on national TV, in the program’s first bowl game in 10 years…they fucking Coug’d it. And there really is no other way to say it.

There will be brighter days ahead Coug fans…but right now, this fucking sucks…and it sucks big time.

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    Here is my swear word ladden tirade about the end of the 2013 New Mexico Bowl, enjoy
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  2. Yea, what the hell was that all about?

    Was that three consecutive fumbles, two of them lost?

    And in this day and age, when defending the two-point conversion, how can a coach not be prepared for the statue of liberty play?

    It’ll be a long off-season playing with pirates for Coach Leach.

  3. I got home from work and I told my dad not to tell me about the Coug game. He did me a service and called an audible to spare me the heartache lol.