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The Ideal FBS Playoff: Part 2

In October I started to discuss what my ideal FBS Playoff would look like. The first part addressed how the conferences would be represented, the division of the tournament bracket, the BCS Bowls, and how the wild card teams were selected. This playoff system was only partially completed in that post, and there are still several points about the potential playoff that needs to be addressed.

These points are; the seeding of the tournament, the location of the playoff games, and the timing of the tournament. In a couple of weeks, Part 3 will come out and that will use Tim’s Computer Rankings to figure out how this tournament field would look with the 2013 regular season.

Here, we, go….

Tournament seeding

The Western Championship and the Eastern Championship each have eight slots within the to halves of the brackets, and five of those slots go to conference champions.  As a result of having eight spots, each bracket will only have eight seeds. These seeds will split up based off the team’s ranking  in the neutral computer rankings.

Basically, the higher the ranking a tournament team has, the better their seed will be. And yes, this means that it would be entirely possible for a Wild Card team to have a  higher seeding than a team that won its conference title — and therefore be the “home team”.

The location of the playoff games

This playoff tournament is going to have its first round of games taking place at the home of the higher seeds:

*Rose/Fiesta Bowl (Western Championship)

Orange/Sugar Bowl (Eastern Championship)

#1 Seed vs. #8 Seed

#1 Seed vs. #8 Seed

#2 Seed vs. #7 Seed

#2 Seed vs. #7 Seed

#3 Seed vs. #6 Seed

#3 Seed vs. #6 Seed

#4 Seed vs. #5 Seed

#4 Seed vs. #5 Seed

The tournament’s quarter- finals will be hosted at neutral sites across the territories covered by the conferences in each half of the bracket. For the Western/Eastern Championship games will be played at one of the former BCS bowls on a rotating basis; for example the Western Championship game would be played at the Rose Bowl in even-numbered years and the Fiesta Bowl in odd-numbered years.

As for the National Championship game, that will be bid on by cities with facilities large enough (70,000+ capacity) to host the game four years in advance of the game they are bidding on — so the host site of the 2025 national championship game would be chosen in 2021.

*Bold Teams are the home teams

The timing of the tournament

Now here is the tricky part, deciding the dates of the tournament game and making it work as not to interfere with the athlete’s final schedules. Since most schools have their finals week around the second week of December (some the third), it would make sense to take that time off from playing actual football games.

Also, most conference championship games are in the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving weekend (Rivalry Weekend); and that really leaves you with one week between dead week/finals week to play the first round and that just doesn’t make a lot of sense to try and squeeze the game in then either.

Oh, and there is Christmas and Hanukkah too…so why not make the first round of the tournament after the Friday and Saturday after the holidays?

Since this tournament is only four weeks long, having the first round after Christmas and Hanukkah will still keep the national title game around the same time that it is under the BCS system.

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