NFL Week 17 Picks

As far as I’m concerned I’m still in the running for last place in my fantasy football league.  I am up by five, leading by a score of 94-89 for my league’s last place game, but it’s always good to know your still in the running for being the goat of the league, wahoo! 

Here’s my Week 17 picks, enjoy!

Steelers over Browns

Bengals over Ravens

Eagles over Cowboys

Giants over Redskins

Cardinals over 49ers

Seahawks over Rams

Chiefs over Chargers

Broncos over Raiders

Patriots over Bills

Jets over Dolphins

Colts over Jaguars

Titans over Texans

Saints over Buccaneers

Panthers over Falcons

Packers over Bears

Lions over Vikings

My Record:  138-101

Stay Classy Everyone!

Happy Holidays!  HOHOHO!

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