Welcome to the NFL Playoffs

Welcome to the second season of the NFL.  In these grueling weeks to come we will have 12 teams battle it out to decide who will ultimately take home the Lombardi Trophy in New York City this February.  First though is the Wild Card Round.  The last three Super Bowl champs have come from this round though, so don’t underestimate these teams.  Let’s take a look at our four Wild-Card Matchups.

Chiefs at Colts





So far I’m 0-4 in the BCS Bowl games, but hey by my logic that means I will be 4-0 in my playoff picks this week (or 0-4 going on 0-8 overall).  At the start of the season I thought for sure the Texans would win the AFC South and that there was a snowball’s chance in he** the Chiefs would be in the postseason.  Four months later I’m speechless.  Indianapolis defeated the Chiefs in Kansas City so they know their opponent, but will they be able to stop their opponent for a second time at home?  I say nay, mainly because conventionally a lot of teams that won in the regular season do not win again when they play that said team in the postseason.  Look at Denver when they played the Ravens last year.  I do have more sound reasons for picking this game though because Andy Reid will definitely have his team ready for this one, and the Chiefs run game is way too hot to handle.  It’ll be shootout, but the Colts are missing too many key players to win this one.

My Pick:  Chiefs 

Saints at Eagles  





The Eagles definitely did get hot at the right time, while the Saints have kind of starting limping into the postseason.  It’s tough to see the Saints get to a strong start but only falter in the end.  Considering that New Orleans is 3-5 away from the Superdome this season is reason enough for Saints fans to stay away from this game and not leave the bayou.  This is still a dangerous team, but seeing Philly in November is making me rethink the thought of an upset in January.

My Pick:  Eagles

Chargers at Bengals





As inept as both of these teams are come playoff time, one of these is still a Super Bowl caliber team.  The team I’m referring to is the Cincinnati Bengals of course, because when it comes to laying an egg you know that you can count on the Chargers to poop themselves come game time.

My Pick:  Bengals

Whether I pick the Bengals against the Pats though will entirely come down to their play during this game.

49ers at Packers





This is the other matchup that could go either way besides the Chiefs and the Colts.  Green Bay is looking hot (funny that I’m saying that considering that the high will probably be -5 degrees on Sunday) and so have the Niners (which are actually from a warm climate).  The elements will definitely be an edge in Green Bay’s favor, but in terms of talent the Niners definitely have them beat.  I know the Seahawks fans are going to hate me for this, but I’ve got to go with San Francisco in this one.  It’ll be worth it though to smack the Niners in their first playoff trip to Qwest Field.

My Pick:  49ers

So that means if things hold up the matchups will be Eagles-Panthers, 49ers-Seahawks, Broncos-Chiefs, and Pats-Bengals.  Not bad for the first week. 

I went 152-103 for the NFL season.  Playoffs may be another story. 

Stay Classy Everyone!



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