NFL Divisional Round

It is time for Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs! 

Saints at Seahawks





It is probably going to look a little different than that 34-7 blowout on Monday Night Football, but going off of logic the Saints don’t really have much of a chance here.  Drew Brees will definitely be well prepared for this game, but the Seahawks have only lost once at home in two years, and with the 12th Man especially fired up for this one….yah that should explain it well enough.

My Pick:  Seahawks

Colts at Patriots





New England has done better than expected this year despite all the controversy and injuries.  Tom Brady definitely has an edge at home, but without Gronkowski expect it to be a little tougher for any passing lanes to open up.  Also considering the momentum of last week’s 45-44 come-from-behind victory the Colts have more than a fighting chance in this one.  I say they win, but barely.

My Pick:  Colts

49ers at Panthers





Both of these teams have gotten off to strong finishes after their Week 10 meeting earlier in the season.  Both of these teams only have one loss since then, and it will be interesting to see who might be playing Seattle next week (provided the Seahawks take care of business and win of course).  I’m going to pick San Francisco because of their experience last year.  Newton hasn’t been to the playoffs just yet and a collapse seems very likely for him.  Kaepernick will take care of business, unfortunately.

My Pick:  49ers

Chargers at Broncos





San Diego did beat the Broncos in Denver, but here’s why this won’t happen.

1.  Peyton Manning

2.  Peyton Manning is ticked off because of last season’s playoff failure

3.  Did I mention Peyton Manning

My Pick:  Broncos

My Playoff record so far is 1-3.  I also finished 1-4 in BCS Bowls and 15-20 overall in bowl season picks.  So in other words I suck at football and am 2-7 overall on the year.  That means if I get back to .500 I can only get one more game wrong for the rest of the playoffs (and knowing me I will probably get more than one wrong).

Stay Classy Everyone!




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