The Extremely Cliche Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

It’s Super Bowl week, and the football fans in Seattle and Denver are really starting to get excited about their favorite team’s chances at winning the Lombardi Trophy. This game is incredibly important for both franchises, as each team looks to take advantage of their respective championship windows. In this post, we will discuss what to look for in this game and what each team must do to win all of the marbles.

The No. 1 offense versus the No. 1 defense

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos have been putting up points by the bunches — in fact, the Broncos are scoring an average of 37.9 points per game. The reason that the Broncos were able to score so much was because of the prolific passing season that Peyton Manning put up during the regular season: he had a completion of percentage of 68.3%, a passer rating of 115.1, and averaged 12.2 yard per completion.

Meanwhile the Seahawks’ defense has been exceptional at stopping the pass throughout the regular season. This defense has one of the best secondaries in the last decade. In fact, the Hawks only allowed 5.8 yards per pass during the regular season; that’s really impressive because of the new rules that make it almost impossible for defenders to do their jobs. Of course, there is this pervasive idea out there that the Hawks won’t be able to stop Peyton Manning and his quick release.

Peyton Manning’s quick release will beat the Hawks’ pass rush

The Seahawks have one of the more underrated pass rushes this past season, seriously just ask this guy, and it seems that the pass rush hasn’t been getting that much respect from the sports world in general. This lack of respect is only made worse by the fact that the Seahawks’ pass rush is going up against a guy who is known getting rid of the ball as quickly as he possibly can. Basically this means that it will be incredibly hard for the Hawks to get to, and sack, Peyton Manning.

The young QB (Wilson) versus the future Hall of Famer (Manning)

Russell Wilson is one of the better young Quarterbacks in the game today, he is incredibly smart when he runs the football…and seldom makes stupid decisions when it comes time to pass. He averaged 8.2 yards per pass during the regular season, and he only through interceptions on 2.2% of his passes. Wilson also compiled 596 rushing yards on 96 attempts during the regular season: good for 5.6 yards per carry.

Peyton Manning is arguably the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game — despite his lack of Super Bowl rings. His ability to get the ball out quickly has helped to limit the hits he has taken and extended his career. Manning has continuously put up huge numbers in the regular season, and it has helped to carry his teams to high seeds in the playoff brackets.

Peyton Manning chokes in the playoffs

Peyton Manning only has one Super Bowl ring, need I say more?


The Peyton Manning led Broncos will face one of the best secondaries in the game of football. Yet that won’t stop some people predicting the fact that Denver’s offense is going to steam role from the Hawks in the Super Bowl; this argument exist because of the fact that Manning gets the ball of quickly.

And its hard to argue against that, because Peyton Manning is awesome.*

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*This is satire for those who couldn’t figure it out on their own 

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  1. I think in your post you are under estimating the Seahawks D against the Broncos. If the Seahawks D shuts down Peyton Manning they will shut down the entire team. Seahawks have been able to shut out other incredible quarterbacks such as, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, and Tom Brady last season (Seahawks secondary is even better now). Also you never mention Seahawks offense vs Broncos Defense. Reminder, Broncos defense will be the second worse defense (behind the Vikings) the Seahawks are going against this season. It will be a close game, but don’t under estimate the skill and tenacity the Seahawks defense will carry onto that field. Manning won’t be used to this type of defense, however the Seahawks won’t be used to the skill the Broncos offense has.