Super Bowl XLVIII Preview

So it has all come down to this.

The League’s #1 Offense (the Denver Broncos) goes against the #1 Defense (the Seattle Seahawks).  The bookies have been making quite a few changes to the betting line for the big game, but as of right now Denver is favored at 2.5 points going into Sunday.

Now just because a team is favored doesn’t mean they will win.  San Francisco was supposed to win by 4.5 last year and that didn’t turn out too well for them.  (For reference purposes Baltimore won the Super Bowl 34-31 last year). 

I came across an article in Sports Illustrated about cold weather playoff games a week or two ago.  The team that had the better defense and could run the ball efficiently won a majority of those games.  Vice versa the passing attacks were held in check.  Also looking at the history of #1 Defenses and #1 Offenses going against each other in the Super Bowl, the #1 Defense has won three out of those four battles.

That means trouble for this guy over here. 


Russell Wilson will still have to step up big time to win this game, but his clutch play definitely spoke for itself when he led a key touchdown drive in the NFC Championship game against San Francisco to take the lead and never look back on a long 4th down.  (You know the one I’m talking about don’t you Seahawks fans, the pass to Kearse).

I’m a Seattleite and I may need to keep my mouth shut if I’m doing this as a profession, but I’m not a professional yet, and I’m sick of East Coast bias so here goes.

My Pick:  Seahawks 24 Broncos 21

Super Bowl MVP:  Russell Wilson

Praying for divine intervention that the refs don’t strike again!

Time to bring the Lombardi back to Seattle!


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  1. Wait a minute. You think the mediocre Russel Wilson comes to play? You are talking about the fourth best run defense in the league in this Denver run defense. They will immediately stop Marshawn Lynch forcing Wilson to get out of his comfort zone. Man, I think the Broncos win 31-23. If I am correct that would make me 9-2 in playoff predictions.