Seahawks Capture First Super Bowl in Franchise History

The Seattle Seahawks have brought Seattle its first professional sports championship since 2010, and its first male professional sports championship since 1979. This team is posted one of the most dominate victories in the history of the Super Bowl — the 35 point margin is awesome — and I got to watch while becoming best friends with everyone in my vicinity at Valhalla.

Watching the Hawks score the first points of the game, after deferring the kick,  I was ecstatic. When the Hawks built that 8-0 lead, I was beside myself with glee. When the Hawks were up 22-0 I was dreaming of a Lombardi Trophy in Seattle.

Now that trophy is coming to Seattle, and it was never really in doubt throughout the entirety of the game. Throughout the first three quarters of the game, Valhalla was in a state of; “Is this really happening?”

“The Seahawks have a massive lead?”

“We are really winning a Super Bowl?”

Of course we all knew that we, as a crowd at Valhalla, were not playing in the game and were not actually winning the Super Bowl. But for a fan base that has been as beaten down, and down trodden as the City of Seattle…this game is gigantic and amazing. Sooooo amazing.

Let’s go Hawks!!!!

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