The Ultimate Super Bowl Pump Up Post

By Neil Roberts and Victor Vargas

In case you haven’t heard, today the Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl and you all are probably pretty tired of all the cliche coverage of the game. So we at Sports with Neil — and by we I mean Victor and Neil — are ready to get you guys excited for the game; but we have to recap the two weeks between the Conference Championships before we get to the super pump up stuff. Now onto the .GIFs:

This was the Cities of Seattle and Denver after their team’s captured their respective Conference Championships:

A week after that, both fan bases were like this:

So now let’s get to the really awesome pump up stuff:

In case you couldn’t figure out, Neil and Victor are pretty excited for the Super Bowl; and that means, obviously, we have to give you the song that we recommend listening to in the minutes leading up to the kick-off. It wasn’t very easy for us to determine what we figured would be the best thing to listen to get you extremely psyched for the game. So here it is:

Yes we went with the cliche song; we went with it because we are awesomer than you!

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