What the Seahawks World Championship Means to Me

Your Seattle Seahawks are the champions of the world. No seriously, they have this fancy (and shiny) metal trophy to show for it. Watching Paul Allen host the Lombardi Trophy was stunning, unbelievable, and absolutely amazing.

There isn’t any way words can describe how much this victory means to the City of Seattle, after everything that’s happened (sports wise) to it in just the last five years…the Hawks go out there and flat-out dominated the Denver Broncos. Please enjoy this .gif of Blitz while you are letting that sink in:

For me personally, this game was a much-needed reboot after the crap storm that was 2013.

The hate emails and death threats that accompanied my support of the Sacramento Kings almost made me stop caring about sports. But I didn’t, for what ever reason…I didn’t; and I got to see the WSU football team in a bowl game…


I started to cry like a baby with about three and half minutes left in the ball game, and the tears continued throughout the Trophy presentation. There was no stopping them, and I didn’t want to.

After all, the Seahawks didn’t just beat the Broncos; no, they completely demolished them. From the opening kick off, to the final whistle; from the early snap, to the bumbling last-minute of the game: there was nothing that the Denver Broncos could do to change the outcome.

And it was glorious, in all of its everythingness.

I’m so happy right now, and I don’t think this feeling isn’t going to go away for a while.

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  1. Was happy to see the Seahawks win. Was especially happy for Pete Carroll who showed that his approach can work at the pro level. But can we please stop calling them world champions? A world championship is where countries play each other, not league teams. You wouldn’t call them an Olympic Champion, so why call them a World Champion. Again, congratulations on the win.

    1. Neil Roberts says:

      What other country has a professional American football league?

      1. Neil Roberts says:

        I mean I get the sentiment, but when someone wins the league championship; and that league is the best league (of that sport) in the world…it’s pretty clear they are world champions

        1. But they would have been killed by team USA.

          1. Neil Roberts says:

            See the problem is, many of their guys would play for their home countries in a situation where the countries play each other (okay its not really that big of a problem). And you’d end up with something like the World Baseball Classic.

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