A Quick Update

I just wanted to let you people know I was still alive.  Anyways with NFL and College Football finished up I have a seven month hiatus until the season starts for real again in September.  I could lounge like a jellyfish, but college basketball season is starting to heat up.  Not to mention that the NBA playoffs will be starting in two months and several teams will be jockeying for position.

I will also be handing out grades to several different Washington sports teams.  I have teams grouped into certain categories (College Football-Huskies/Cougars, NFL-Seahawks).  Granted the NBA and NHL have exceptions because there isn’t a team in Washington for either of those leagues, but regardless those teams are going to be graded too.  Quick spoiler the NFL gets an A, while college basketball might be getting a failing grade. 

Starting tomorrow I will be doing a follow-up on several key college basketball games as we try to piece together the NCAA Tournament before the brackets officially get announced on Selection Sunday.  I will also be doing some follow-up on the NBA as well.  There’s several juicy matchups this weekend, with one of them being a 2012 Finals rematch between the Heat and Thunder.  

Stay Classy Everyone! 

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