Jason Collins signed by Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have signed Jason Collins to a 10-Day contract.


While this isn’t huge or groundbreaking considering how much weight Michael Sam’s announcement made, it’s great that a gay player is now a part of a professional sports team.  Granted Collins had already been in the league for 12-13 years before the announcement (his rookie year was 2001), but he has been unemployed since July of 2013.  Strange that it took this long for someone to offer him a contract.

Granted we live in a world where sports are something that we watch and something that we don’t want politics or religion to interfere with.  However, this is still an important topic to bring up, especially because this could affect locker rooms all over professional sports.  Adrian Peterson was quoted of stating that he was concerned about gays showering with the team in the locker room.  Also former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has taken some stands on LGBT rights, and that may or may not have cost him his job.
This raises a big issue, because with the NFL Combine going on in Indianapolis, all eyes will be on this guy (besides Johnny Football).


Like it or not, these types of individuals are going to be playing for our entertainment.  I think it’s time that we embraced them instead of persecuted them.

Definitely Stay Classy!  

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