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Fantasy baseball week one: It’s all about the offense

The regular season of MLB kicked off this past week, and that means that fantasy baseball also started up as well. My league drafted right before the first game between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks in Australia. This season I entered the draft with absolutely no prep work, or any idea of where I was going to go with my draft picks — in fact I had forgotten to even lock in my keepers. So it seemed like I was in for a rough draft.

My team is named the WAZZU Cougars…because I’m extremely creative.

Fortunately for me, I ended up drafting pretty well and my team has preformed pretty well during the first week of the season. And my pretty well, I mean my offense has been kicking butt…while my starting pitching has almost been none existent. But yay RBIs!!!!


C         Matt Wieters, Bal
1B       Eric Hosmer, KC
2B       Robinson Cano, Sea
3B       Adrian Beltre, Tex
SS        Brad Miller, Sea
LF       Matt Holliday, StL
CF       Adam Jones, Bal
RF       Giancarlo Stanton, Mia
UTIL  Nick Swisher, Cle 1B/RF

SP        Stephen Strasburg, Wsh
SP        Doug Fister*, Wsh 15 day-DL
SP        Hyun-Jin Ryu, LAD
SP        CC Sabathia, NYY
SP        Matt Garza, Mil
RP       John Axford, Cle
RP       Fernando Rodney, Sea
BE       Dan Haren, LAD SP
BE       Jim Henderson, Mil RP
BE       Asdrubal Cabrera, Cle SS

Roster Moves

This portion will document any moves made between weeks, so in this case from week 1 to week 2.

Move Dan Haren from BE to SP, and Doug Fister from SP to BE.


No free agent acquisitions.


The league’s standings are determined by who has the most points at the time, that’s it. As for how the points are determined:

  • Offense: a BB is worth .5 points, K gets you -.5 pts., RBI is 1 pt., a run scored is 1 pt., 1B is 1 pt., 2B is 2 pts., 3B is 3 pts., and an HR is 4 pts.
  • Pitching: a BB is worth -.5 pts., a K is 1 pt., ER is -1 pt., W is 20 pts., L is -3 pts., a save is 12 pts., a blown save is -3 pts., and a hold is worth 10 pts.

The standings have the team followed by the points that were earned during the past week. For the purposes of this post, a week is from Monday to Saturday.

  4. iamdynamite-247.5
  7. PIE IN THE SKY -225.5
  8. ZBEST BALLER-203.5
  10. Lost in Translation-188.5

Since my starting pitching went 2-3 in the first week, and I only got three saves…I think 243 points, and sitting in fifth place isn’t too shabby. It is going to be critical though for me to get some wins in the next couple of weeks for my team to stay competitive, because right now my offense is clicking thanks to the combination of Brad Miller and Robinson Cano…

…and because Stanton has been crushing the ball early on. And I mean crushing it.

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    • Not very well if I remember correctly. Since there are only ten teams in the league this year, the pitchers that were drafted are the high K and low BB guys.